Voice Of The Voters – Reaction To The First & Only VP Debate

I’m looking forward to “you’re fired Hillary” on November 8.

~ Hardnox

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16 Responses to Voice Of The Voters – Reaction To The First & Only VP Debate

  1. Jules Smith says:

    Got the Champers ready and my red baseball cap.

  2. Just Gene says:

    We’re not sure of Hillary’s medical conditions BUT this PERSON could wind up as president – I’m no longer convinced VP debates don’t matter.

  3. Uriel says:

    I have my hip hoorays ready but won’t breath easy until Trump is sworn in

    Question When Trump is elected – if some weird thing oh say a War breaks out does that mean he can take office THEN and we won’t have to worry about Obama taking over?

  4. Bullright says:

    If Hillary was only fired in the first place we would be having these problems.

  5. clyde says:

    Pence was outstanding. I would have been BITCHSLAPPING this asshole to the goddamn moon. Moron.

  6. Terry says:

    “Repeating prepared talking points” is all they have.
    Remember the talk about “obozo chose Unca Joe Biden as VP to insure against his impeachment or assassination” ? Who would want Biden as prez ?
    I believe that applies for Killery/CoKaine too.