When In Doubt

Hellery Klinton whips it out. Leave it to the FOREIGN press to report on The Hildabeast and her minions talking about drone striking Assange! Remember what the Gunny wrote a few days ago about Anne-Marie Slaughter? Well check out the “from” line.

EXCERPT:  “After Clinton allegedly proposed a drone strike, another solution was reportedly brought up to solve the WikiLeaks problem: place a bounty for Assange’s capture and extradition to the United States.

Figures discussed were in the area of $10 million, according to TruePundit.

And following that meeting, one of Clinton’s top aides – Anne-Marie Slaughter, the State Department’s director of policy planning – wrote an email to Clinton, Clinton’s aides Huma Abedin and Jacob Sullivan as well as Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills with the subject line ‘an SP memo on possible legal and nonlegal strategies re Wikileaks.’”

A new report claims that Clinton once proposed a military drone strike to take out Assange in a bid to silence WikiLeaks. Above, one of Clinton's aides sent an email with the subject line ‘an SP memo on possible legal and nonlegal strategies re Wikileaks’

Whatever comes out tomorrow on the bitch, the Gunny prays that it not only destroys the bitch but also takes down the verdamme Clintons and many of the vermin surrounding them, i.e., Sid Vicious. A hundred years ago they’d all be hanging from a gallows and rightly so. Hopefully Assange has good bodyguards because The Hildabeast kills whomever opposes her. Vince Foster could not be reached for comment.



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4 Responses to When In Doubt

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Looks like Assange’s announcement was a non-event. He’s claiming more to follow shortly. He’s no doubt scared. I doubt he’ll be making anymore balcony announcements.

  3. Uriel says:

    Would you if you knew that drones were buzzing overhead? I am actually a bit surprised that he still has sanctuary granted at this consulate and that they haven’t kicked him to the curb in terror for their own sakes.

  4. RE says:

    CC Wiener,
    Hum it baby you worthless mussy raghead di8ck sucking bitch.