Hildabeast Wanted to Drone Strike Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)

Just this morning Assange announced he was not going to release the promised information on Hildabeast.  Later today he announced that his previous decision was based on threats received regarding his safety and that he will be releasing information tomorrow October 4.

Remember that reporter who worked for the Huffington post who asked some honest questions about Hillary’s health, then promptly got fired, then promptly got death threats, then made a video about how he was not suicidal or clumsy since he worried about his safety?  Well, here he is again reporting on the latest leak whereas Hillary inquired about “droning” Assange:

Democrats are all about little people.  Actually people in little pieces.

Here’s to hoping Trump will broadcast this news far and wide.

~ Hardnox

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5 Responses to Hildabeast Wanted to Drone Strike Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)

  1. Popular Front says:

    Don’t count on that albino rapist Assange doing anything, he’s too busy hiding his cowardly ass in the Ecuadorian embassy, London. He’s shitscared of the Swedes, who want to prosecute him for rape but even more afraid of the USA who want to give him a 50 year Leavenworth holiday for espionage.

    I am truly ashamed to say he’s Australian.

  2. In a “real world”, something of the past, she’d be arrested for criminal threatening, at the very least. And that’s just for this instance.

    Considering all that she and her rapist spouse have done, remember: Failure to obey a mechanical signal is illegal.

  3. Uriel says:

    And they will strong arm their pundit friends to say the same. This reporter sure looks, acts different than before when he worked for the publisher. Guess he has finally realized how worried he should also be for his continued health. Whether one looks at WikiLeaks as a god send or disgrace, the fact that all this information is finally coming to light when reporters and leak sources have been dropping like flies should say something about how close to the truth and worrisome this all is for Hillary and Obama. They thought they had buried all of this and now even the deep dirt is getting a spring cleaning. Shame is though that Obama will not be implicated or will get away with his part in all of this at least until after January 2017.