Do They Sense A Loss Coming?

Have you noted the accelerated pace by the left to get their damaging agenda items done? In just the past several weeks we’ve seen members of The Regime sign the UN Small Arms Trade Treaty, and sign and ratify the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Compliant lefty judges have denied individual states’ rights to sue to block both the Trade Treaty and the UNFCCC.  These two actions, unconstitutional when done without Congressional approval, have been threatened for years.  And now, suddenly, The Regime has done ’em both.

The New York Times, famed user of loss-carryforwards to avoid paying income taxes, is supporting a new campaign to discredit Trump for using the exact same legal provisions of the tax code. The Clintons have been revealed as doing the same, along with Soros’ Tides Foundation.  As if this wasn’t a sufficiently cheap strategy, Hillaroid’s team has produced a chubby latina gangster as a “victim” of Trump’s “disrespect” for women.  This is a desperation move that takes the campaign straight to the bottom of the barrel, plus allows the Trump campaign to talk about BJ Clinton’s sex obession, and Hillaroid’s vile actions while working as a public defender.

DHS granted citizenship to 1800 illegals tagged for deportation “by mistake”. Obama unilaterally lifted a ban on sales of military equipment to Vietnam.  According to Border Patrol stats, The Regime’s importation of unvetted and unvettable illegals has accelerated to a pace about 40% higher than the record set in 2014.

Why is the lefty pedal to the metal?  Could it be that they know Hillaroid is going to be shellacked and spackled this November?  Do they believe they’ve got just a few short weeks left to tick off items on their to-do list?  What do you think?

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5 Responses to Do They Sense A Loss Coming?

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Despite the MSM propaganda, the puppet masters know, there will be hell to pay if someone honest, such as Trump, becomes president. Money. Not Trump money, but puppet master money, at stake. The stops, or safeties, are now pulled with 36 days to go. We will see increased protests by groups that are parasitic and suck tax dollars. Don’t fall for the bait. Talks of civil war, increased violent attacks, all, at the direction given to BHO, and others. There is a misnomer that places a seed of destruction by accusing Jews. They are not the issue. The issue remains, Marxist Liberal Communists. True, many Jews were and are, political members but so are Christians and a host of others. It’s all bait for in-house division.

    I doubt if Trump will come through with any gains for Constitutional Carry, or Stand Your Ground, which I am an advocate of uniting the two, and make it the Law-of-the-Land. The problem exists, where people’s behaviors remain wild. The fear is that mas killings will take place. On the other hand, November 9th, the work begins. BHO will do everything in his power to start a war or bankrupt our nation. If Trump pardons anyone from BHO on down, in the administration, he will lose credibility and, he will need his head examined. January 20th, of 2017, remains a bit away, and then the work to build our own nation can begin in earnest. The economy. The wall. The unvetted invaders. Cabinet members. Gowdy for USAG. Supreme Court for Guliani.

    Bluntly, we are dug in, an there is Incoming Mail. The DNC, Hillary, BHO, will throw the kitchen sink at us, and we must hold the line and absorb it all, until after the election, and then until inauguration. HOLD THE LINE. Do not panic. Let the enemy come in closer. Closer. January 21st, let them have it. Our mission to secure the nation goes into gear. Our mission to rebuild our economy and slack off on other nations’ economies, will place nasty, vindictive, leadership against us. We must get out of the United Nations, and throw the UN off US soil. If we fail to do half of that, the nation will be crippled.

    Be humble. Watch your words. Your deeds will speak for themself. TEAMWORK. Self sacrifice. Honesty. Integrity, and hit the sons-of-bitches as hard as you can.

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  3. SafeSpace says:

    Well stated, Rifleman. The only things you omitted for early in 2017 were lengthy sentences for Hillary, Abedin and Jarrett after treason convictions; and the freezing of as many of George Soros’ assets as can be located within the US banking system.

  4. Uriel says:

    The funniest part is that Trump is not a politician so they have no way to attack his record. Hillary’s on the other hand has been and is easily found (unless she had the censor patrols erase them).

  5. Hardnox says:

    The left is in panic mode and they need to implement as much of their agenda as possible in these last months.

    I just read a WaPo piece where they are acknowledging Hillary losing Ohio which was regarded as a big win for Hillary.