Hayesville, NC Realtor Discovers A New Market Segment

Spotted this new billboard on the highway from Hiawassee, Georgia to Hayesville, North Carolina. What a hoot!


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13 Responses to Hayesville, NC Realtor Discovers A New Market Segment

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Great! More housing for the homeless…!

  2. Felinity says:

    Why, the unmitigated nerve of the woman! She’s got to be an ultra-conservative right-winger…an opportunistic capitalist who DARES to exploit the pain of those suffering from AED (American Electile Dysfunction).


  3. onore says:

    Maybe that will shut people up that feel that America is so bad!

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  5. Wetzel says:

    At least someone else is still optimistic.

  6. Wetzel says:

    I hadn’t heard Felinity’s term for our screwed up politics — American Electile Disfunction. If she coined the phrase, she gets 98 gold stars. If someone else did, they get the gold. And I’ll get some mileage out of it!

  7. I.R. Wayright says:

    I just got back from another trip to Canada. I came to the conclusion that you don’t “go for a ride in Toronto.” You go on a “vehicular jihad”.
    They treat driving like a sport with the object of seeing how many other drivers you can cut off on your way to the front.
    Also, it seems like a lot of women are ready for Halloween a bit early. You know, those costumes reminiscent of a Hefty bag…..
    On a positive note I did enjoy gawking at some of the painted on jeans on the younger gals. I still haven’t figured out how they keep their toes from turning purple from a lack of blood circulation. I guess they just have to keep moving.
    Back in the good ol USA I took note of the responsible driver of a pick up truck that had the good sense to stop at the rest stop along RT 15 at Tioga, to sleep off his hangover as evidenced by the pile of puke on the ground below his side door.
    Real classy dude. I should have taken a picture.

  8. Popular Front says:

    What we are seeing here, is the entrepreneurial spirit that makes American business great. See an opportunity, make your pitch. More power to Shelagh I say.

  9. Hardnox says:

    Very clever. Why isn’t anyone moving to Mexico?

  10. Terry says:

    Gonna be a lot of celebrity mansions on the market in November.

    • Felinity says:

      Yep…with all the rooms stinking of Eau de Lâche Gâté (spoiled coward).

      That’s the Left: Turn tail when your ideology no longer gets a heads up. Sore losers after being Follywood users.

      • Terry says:

        It would be great if they did, Felinity. But I’d be surprised if any of them actually had the cojones to follow through on their big talk.