When Democrats Cheat (which is always)

they go whole hog. That is, unless they get caught. It’ll be something to see if this piece of shit goes to prison or not. If so, they’re already sizing him up for a bra and panties on Cellblock C.

EXCERPT: Just yesterday we wrote about an FBI investigation into potential voter fraud in the critical swing state of Virginia after it was revealed that 19 dead people had recently been re-registered to vote (see “FBI Investigating More Dead People Voting In The Key Swing State Of Virginia”).  While the Washington Post caught wind of the investigation, it was not known who was behind the operation…until now.  

Meet, Andrew Spieles, a student at James Madison University, and apparently “Lead Organizer” for HarrisonburgVOTES.  According to the Daily News-Record, Spieles confessed to re-registering 19 deceased Virginians to vote in the 2016 election cycle. 

While this should come as a surprise to precisely 0 people, Spieles just happens to be Democrat who, accorded to a deleted FaceBook post, apparently recently ran for Caucus Chair of the Virginia Young Democrats. 

It’s too bad really, sounds like Spieles had all the right “special talents” required to be very successful politician…he just forgot the most important first rule: “Don’t get caught.”

Harrisonburg Votes

BTW, HarrisonburgVOTES was founded by some clown named Joseph Fitzgerald, who just so happens to be a high muckety-muck in the Democrud Party and he said this about the shitbird above:

“He’s smart, and he understands the [political] process,” Fitzgerald told the Daily News-Record of Spieles.

In other words, he knows the system is corrupt and exactly how to cheat to win. The Gunny has said before and he’ll say it again here. If we lose in November then we have been voter frauded on a scale never seen since Joe Kennedy bought the election for a very unqualified JFK in 1960 and we should simply revolt and burn the elitists and globalists at the stake while bringing the nation back fully under the Constitution.

Trump fills a stadium and Cankles can’t fill a portable plastic shithouse.



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10 Responses to When Democrats Cheat (which is always)

  1. clyde says:

    Precisely why WE need to ” outdo” the sonsabitches.

  2. BangZoom! says:

    You got it right Gunny except being fitted for a bra and panties by the boys in Cell block D would not be a punishment for this shit bird.

    • GunnyG says:


      I don’t know about that. Had a bro who was a prison guard and he said that cons turn POS like this into human toilets. Which for a Democrat, is perfect! haha

  3. Peppermint says:

    Gunny, here is more fraud found in OH. “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse http://christiantimesnewspaper.com/breaking-tens-of-thousands-of-fraudulent-clinton-votes-found-in-ohio-warehouse/

  4. Peppermint says:

    Gunny, I tried to post on here about more fraud in OH but my comment is not coming up.

  5. Wetzel says:

    Found a great new phrase. American Electile Disfunction. It slides off the tongue sweetly and says it all. And this guy’s got a major dose of it. How many conservatives do you see keying cars with political bumper stickers, or destroying political yard signs? And it’s a disease that looks to be common with liberals.

  6. Hardnox says:

    Good that Spieles got caught. Makes me wonder how many others are out there. Thousands I suspect.

    That last pic speaks volumes.

  7. Terry says:

    That’s the difference between us and them. The highest revered lib is the one who can get away with the most underhanded of deeds. It’s like a badge of honor for them.
    Unfortunately for this pos, he got caught. But I’m sure he will still get an ‘A’ for effort.