Paul Joseph Watson: Miss Universe’s lies about Trump

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars runs down the misinformation going around about Trump and ex-pageant winner Alicia Machado and the Hillary Campaign’s desperation.


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8 Responses to Paul Joseph Watson: Miss Universe’s lies about Trump

  1. clyde says:

    This has the stench of Carville all over it. Time for Trump to tell the jackals to pound sand.

  2. clyde says:

    BTW if these pukes want to frame the discussion that Trump is ” bullying women”, how about the absolute destruction and BULLYING of Bill’s VICTIMS by Hitlary and the rest of the shitstains. Bastards.

  3. Uriel says:

    My son was horrified by this and the videos that have been floating. Makes you wonder if “someone ” has eliminated most videos that show more truth doesn’t it. In all the videos I have seen, the girl is laughing and lapping up the attention. She did a guest spot this week but interestingly caught out on the before/after comments on weight. Said she was before then backtracked to after. I did not know one could be “both” in a short 5 years or so as a teen. Never heard anyone else mention both. In addition had she been anorexic before it would have definitely been a different stunted body shape. I have no medical experience on any of this but believe she would have been too fragile mentally at that time. Both are indications of mental stress.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Here’s Paul’s latest: