Obama’s VA Desecrating Veteran Corpses

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Obama’s VA Desecrating Veteran Corpses

by Peppermint
By Stephen Dietrich, Managing Editor
September 30, 2016

I’ve read a lot of outrageous stories in my day. But this latest from an Illinois Veterans Affairs whistle-blower is one of the most shameful things I’ve ever seen.

As a veteran, I care deeply about how our current and former military members and their families are treated by the government. Unfortunately, under President Barack Obama’s leadership, the VA has somehow managed to get worse and worse.

Now, reports out of Illinois say that one veteran’s hospital is so poorly run, they’re leaving the discarded corpses of my fellow brothers-in-arms to rot and decompose over months.

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk has said that the Hines VA hospital “has been overrun with cockroaches and mold and left vets waiting for care for months on secret wait lists, has reached a new low in the treatment of our veterans. We now have reports of bodies being left to decompose in the morgue for months on end,” according to Fox News.

The problem is so out of control, “Some veteran’s remains have been left in our hospital morgue for 45 days or more until they are stacked to capacity at times,” and at least one had been left so long that the remains liquefied and the body bag burst open when finally moved.

Let that imagery sink in. Now, imagine if it were the remains of someone you know that served.

The mere thought that this could happen is enough to get the blood boiling. The fact that it IS happening is beyond reproach.

The failures of the VA under the Obama administration’s poor leadership has been well noted. It’s gone too far now.

These are the men and women that fought, bled, and sacrificed for our nation. To thank these honored dead, staff left them in discarded piles.

It makes me ashamed to be an American – something I’ve never once said before.

This isn’t the first time we’ve disgraced our veterans with broken promises. But this disrespectful final insult is a step too far.

It’s time for the president to step in. It’s time for Obama to use the executive powers he so readily used in the past for some good.

As a nation, we have a duty to protect our veteran’s dignity, in both life and death. We’ve failed.

That’s unacceptable. And it starts at the top.

If this doesn’t make you angry and sickened I don’t know what would.



This is not only disgraceful but horrific for any deceased but particularly veterans.  How many other veterans across the country are being so dishonored and abused while staying at VA hospitals.  I sincerely hope a President Trump scorches those in charge then kicks them to the curb.

Most of us know Obama won’t do a damn thing and his head of VA is just as bad.

I think we need to pound the keys to congressmen and women to get this stopped right away!


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6 Responses to Obama’s VA Desecrating Veteran Corpses

  1. Just Gene says:

    From day one, Obama, Clinton and other one world advocates knew our military had to be destroyed and have been actively doing so – weapons that don’t work – scavenging parts from planes to keep a few flying – saying the military should be paying for their own health insurance – not enough money to buy fuel to keep our fleet active – etc,etc,etc – The number one job of the president is as Commander in Chief – Trump has to pound that reality home and show the dems have no intention of doing that – they want the UN to run everything – we can’t allow that to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Peppermint says:

    Uriel, thanks for the reblog and the video makes a great addition! Thanks also for you kind words.

  3. Hardnox says:

    That was an excellent post by Peppermint. Glad you stole it and reposted it here Uriel.

    In a sane world none of this would be happening. Daily under this administration our nation and it’s people are fed a new outrage to the point we are becoming numb to it all. We have little more than 100 days of these assholes in charge and a Congress that virtually does nothing.

    Our mutual level of disgust is off the charts. President Trump will have his hands full.

    • Uriel says:

      I pray he is up to the gargantuan task. But am encouraged already by the choice he made and those on short lists for a better government. One single man can not affect all these changes. But I have a feeling he will make a good start.