Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

In the debates last night, there was no clear winner in all honesty from my point of view. Trump went too easy on Hillary in several instances by allowing her to get away with debate issues. Hillary managed to “sound” like she knew what it takes to be president but the general public knows now from her own actions and illegal email server problems as well as leaked emails just how crooked she is. Trump got in jabs but he also got taken off topic and put in defense mode to easily. I doubt he makes the mistakes again though. Both traded a few one-two verbal spars but for the most part, I think Trump was attempting to be in a mode of restraint for fear of saying wrong things.  We know he can come off the cuff with outlandish oft-repeated phrases so I get the restraint.  However, his combative nature and willingness to tackle “forbidden” topics is exactly why so many favor him over the politicians.

The following was posted on Twitter –  but I think if a front view is seen, the clip-on microphone may be the reason for this obvious equipment.  The question remains though was it also a listening device discreetly in her ear?  None of the pictures I have seen show her left side ear.  The right has a medium-sized bob that covers the ear opening pretty well.



During the debate that Hillary did not turn to her opponent in recognition of his existence very much at all, as if he was beneath her or as a point of disdain.   In Bernie Sanders debates she was often photographed looking at him despite whatever topic.

In this photo Trump was seen visibly observing her as she talked.  His stance is fairly relaxed, head up but bent slightly toward her with eyes focused on her expressions.  Hillary was in a stiff-as-a-board defensive stance, elbows in, and hands rather tightly clasped as she glared directly at the camera. To be fair on the hands, I think from looking at other photos, she often has a habit of holding her hands together. For a veteran politician trying to make a point to those voters, this is a telling No, No.


In the following photograph, Trump has on an American flag lapel pin while Hillary has nothing which could tie her to representing our country.  This to me is a tell of her ideology which should send out warning bells.  Hillary has mentioned on a few occasions in statements that she works closely with the UN.  She certainly appears to champion the Islamic groups. Thanks to leaked documents we are well aware of Hillary’s anti-American socialist shadow handlers like bankers, Wall Street financiers, the Bilderberg Group and Soros. Thanks to social media blogs and media reports we are aware that she has always worked for or with those who follow a socialist ideology just like Pelosi.   Given Obama’s current fiasco of trying to destroy our republic, can we afford another communist in high office?

Red color was the “power” color in the late twentieth century for successful women’s suits in business.  What she has on and has apparently begun to prefer in all public appearances is more indicative of the United Nations socialist style approach to world domination where all basically wear unisex buttoned up uniform-style clothes to denote positions of power.

For a person who is supposed to be for women in general and women in business in particular, nothing I have seen clothing wise that she has worn over the last year speaks to feminism or gender identification with her sex.  Most of the choices for her campaigning are pretty bland, plain cut, and understated.

The role of females in the political or business industries and their right to wear more feminine than masculine business clothing is just as important a message as skills.  For many years in the last half of the 20th century women were discouraged from being the least feminine unless they were simply eye candy.  There are many today that do not follow that trend thank goodness.  I don’t mean outlandish overtly sexual predatory attire but feminine business wear.

If she truly cared about women in business, she would, at least to me, display this through an attire unlike unisex socialists who repress women’s roles in leadership. I saw her on a Kimble show where her attire was much more acceptable for a woman in today’s leadership role.

Out of curiosity, was the podium microphone even turned on for Hillary?  Here in the picture she clearly has a clip-on mic or was it a ruse for something which had already been denied?


Long ago I was warned in speech class that the part overall body language played a part in audience believe-ability.   How arms and hands appeared in expressions helped in presenting confidence, understanding of a subject, truthfulness, or openness, if the speaker was going to be convincing.  How Hillary could command anything over $10,000 in fees for other than name alone is a mystery.  With all of her speaking experience, she should have been far more comfortable and animated than Trump though he is learning quickly.

Here is Trump and Clinton both in a stance with arms out but notice the difference in hand position.  One is open and welcoming to outside stimulus while the other is determined to suppress and dominate those below it. You decide which you would more favorably respond to in any situation.

Personally the head cocked stance of Trump at a sales meeting might bother me to the extent I recognize a salesman; but, the dominatrix stretch of Hillary’s arms would have me backing away. I have worked with enough power Biatches over the years to know that this is the stance of a power-hungry backstabber who rides roughshod over underlings.  Even the cut of her eyes and the facial expression would  give me pause because she does not project an open nor honest approval of those who sit or stand in front of her. No one can call her honest of course.


Final picture to look at is the meeting of adversaries – before and after debate.



Interesting isn’t it how pictures may not be but a frozen moment in time yet speak volumes if you take the time to do more than glance at them.  More primitive people believed that photographs captured the essence of the person which terrified them.  In today’s world pictures, unless deliberately altered, merely strengthen our mental perception of a person and often willingly or not betrays the character of the one photographed.


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16 Responses to Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Hardnox says:

    Good eye girl. Nailed it.

    I thought Trump appeared very honest and open whereas Hillary was scripted, robotic and snarky.

    I believe she keeps her hands together to prevent anyone seeing the shake or tremble due to health issues. I noticed her eyes going out of sync several times.

    The Mao outfits make her look… um… like a communist lesbian.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    I was extremely disappointed Trump did not push the question of Benghazi, Hillary’s law license, Hillary’s attack on women sexually abused by Bill or even ask her Hannity’s question, Can you name 3 things Hillary has accomplished that have benefited the country.

    • Uriel says:

      I agree Capt. Not sure his reasoning but he should have pressed hard. Having a Dem commentator slanting to Higgy didn’t help either.

  3. W Barna says:

    Uriel, I find your observation about Hillary’s apparent “lapel mic” very interesting. Obviously, she had a podium mic, as well? Also odd is that Trump later complained about his podium mic muffling or garbling the sound. I am wary of democrats and their willingness to use every trick in the book for advantage…..Hillary is like a super-villain in my estimation. Anybody who’d stand beside a flag-draped coffin and lie to a person’s love one about the cause of their death would do ANYTHING.

    • Uriel says:

      Welcome to HD W Barna. I have the Same reservations. I had not heard about Trump’s mic though or would have thrown that in the mix. Thanks for the add. As to their demise – the sooner the better.

  4. Just Gene says:

    I’ve examined body language ever since I was a kid when I heard my grandmother ask for her glasses while talking to a neighbor – she said she couldn’t hear what her neighbor was saying without seeing her clearly.

    • Uriel says:

      Lol JustGene great lesson to learn wish more people had also learned it. Perhaps we wouldn’t be here today trying so hard to save our nation.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    I was writing comments on my Facebook wall during the debate, and got heat from some of my liberal friends I had known since my Junior High days in the mid 70s. One particular junior high friend had the gall to call me a liar, even though he knows I have worked in the media for years and recorded first hand interviews of former Clinton staffers spilling the dirty laundry of the Clintons.

    These are the type of fatheads who blindly back Hildebeest and other liberal thugs. When they go down in flames, they throw infantile temper tantrums, and always blame everyone else for their own problems. My friend happens to be extremely obese with diabetes caused by his own bad eating habits over 50+ years of his life. I’m not a fair weather friend, so I won’t drop him on Facebook. I figure he’s still way better than my worst blog enemy Lester Liberalmann, a stinky butt face liberal troll who steals identities off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites to abuse conservative bloggers and post pornographic photoshop jobs through Disqus. My liberal junior high schoolmate friend isn’t an identity thief, and we still have fun reading about each others thoughts on concerts, games and our classmates, so I figure I can disagree with him face to face, even though he’s a blobby stubborn fathead at times.

    Just so you know, Lester Holt is a RINO. You may have thought he was registered as a Democrat, but some sources have confirmed his political affiliation is Republican. So yes, he’s a social RINO for sure, but he might not be in lockstep fiscally with Democrats. I also noticed an immediate red flag at the beginning when he bragged he wrote all the questions and only he knew what he was going to ask. You can bet his butt buddy Chrissie Matthews told him what to ask, emailed the questions to Hildebeest and destroyed the emails immediately, probably advising her to do the same. Some of my friends immediately picked up on Holt’s arrogant bragging at the beginning. I noticed early on within the first 5 minutes that Lester let Hildebeest blubber on beyond her 2 minutes without stopping her. Trump restrained himself with God’s help, and later owned Lester when Holt tried to shut him up in a hurry. Holt kept giving Hildebeest several passes during the first half hour prior to getting owned. I also noticed Holt sweating profusely near his bald spot on top every time Trump owned him.

    I wonder if Matthews threatened Holt to send a tingle up his legs if he didn’t do what he said?

    • SafeSpace says:

      That box and wires under Hillaroid’s Kim Jung Koat? Shock stimulus powerpack and electrodes. Keeps her conscious when she has to, ah, think on her feet for more than a couple of minutes.

    • Uriel says:

      There are RINOS who have been trying to create a Uniparty. They almost succeeded until Trump blasted on scene. I am glad to see you are reporting facts too but sorry your dim FB friends have not the same integrity. Keep rocking that boat! A lot of us have discovered the same painful lesson unfortunately. True Friends do not have to see eye to eye on things but loyalty to each other is what makes them important. Hopefully down the road we can all go back to friendship status if possible.

  6. SafeSpace says:

    John Dean (the loudest of several) has commented on Trump’s repeated sniffing during the debate. I suggest that this is due to the height of Trump’s podium. Study the pre-debate photos, and you’ll find that Hillaroid’s podium is at a relatively normal height, while Mr. Trump’s has been lowered. As a result, Trump had to lean forward and rest his upper body weight (higher for men than women on average) on the edges of the podium. This brought his face closer to the lavalier mic than is ideal, and it faithfully captured his occasional nose-clearing snorts.

    Another possibility is that Mr. Trump is on Tramadol for pain control. This drug causes sinus issues that result in frequent “snorting” — I now because I do it constantly since starting on Tramadol a few years ago.

    • Uriel says:

      Maybe or it could be the foul odor in the room set off an allergic reaction. John Dean couldn’t find anything else to comment on in his vacant mind in order to get his two seconds of air time. Amazing how easy it is to tell who are dimwits.

      • Emilia says:

        They “say” Johnnie the Screamer is practicing as a doctor again. Me? I would trust most veterinarians over this creep! And sadly, there are some lousy veterinarians out there. But as least they aren’t politicians.