Clinton: Everyone Biased Against Black People

Last night Hildabeast accused the American people of being implicitly racist.

That statement was a dog whistle for black people to vote for Hillary.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Hillary suggesting that Americans are racists is absurd.  The real racists in this country are democrats who label everything in order to polarize an issue.

By that statement, Hillary underscored her hatred of the police.  Conversely Trump underscored his support for the police and him being the “law and order” candidate.

The democrats are scared.  That much is certain.  Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio are tilting in favor of Trump.  So is Michigan.  Solid democrat strongholds are wilting.

~ Hardnox

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20 Responses to Clinton: Everyone Biased Against Black People

  1. Feliinty says:

    Well, we’ve heard her bark like a dog… Of course she’s versed in dog whistles too! May The Daughter Of Lies soon roll over…courtesy of Donald Trump!

  2. W Barna says:

    Hillary didn’t bother mentioning the black bias against Whites…..and Latinos…..and each other. Personally, I refuse to participate in her “White privilege/guilt”. The more democrats and progressives talk about an “honest discussion” on race, the more dishonest they become.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    Is there any indication how the debate affected the polls yet??

  4. Uriel says:

    Here is the court decision in full on search and seizure

    If you read through it the justices were conflicted about reasonable search and seizure by a cop on the street. They ultimately decided the cop crossed a line in the murky morass of 4th and 14th amendments but issued statements to try to figure it out. If seasoned cops who recognize GANG signs and activity had to make reasonable search and could explain then they were not so sure it should not be seizure to prevent harm to an officer or bystanders.

    Additionally Trump brought out a point that libs deliberately skated over — those living in poorer areas have as much right to feeling safe and secure as ANY class regardless of color.

    • SafeSpace says:

      Re your last statement: Some of the loudest calls for access to concealed carry permits come from African-Americans stuck in sh*thole neighborhoods in cities like Washington, DC. Obammy’s hometown Chicago only legalized concealed carry three years ago. Obtaining a CC permit in the City of New York is known to be a six-month process involving layers of red tape and a good bit of money contributed to the issuing authorities.

  5. clyde says:

    That is all she has. Too bad Trump didn’t bring up the obvious.

  6. Terry says:

    What I really want Trump…or ANYONE…to ask is ” What is ‘racist’ about questioning the birthplace of a president ?” Race has nothing to do with it.
    Even the #Never Trumpers didn’t call us racistsfor questioning Lyin’ Teds’ citizenship. They called us everything else, but not racists.

    • Uriel says:

      Country of origin and race are two distinct labels. Many countries have many ethnic groups which could be considered races I guess.

      Race are the various ways of classifying humans into groups based on physical traits, ancestry, genetics or social group, or on the relations between them. … Social conceptions and groupings of races vary over time, involving folk taxonomies that define essential types of individuals based on perceived traits.

    • Hardnox says:

      Trump dropped the ball when he failed to mention that it was Obama himself that promoted his Kenyan origins as promoted by his publicist for over 10 years.

      • SafeSpace says:

        Exactly correct, ‘Nox. Apparently they believed they’d sell more copies of his “auto”biography that way. Furthermore, rumor has long said that Barry Soetero was admitted to Occidental College as an Indonesian national. Most sources now debunk this, but (curiously) Occidental still refused to release Obammy’s student records. So where was Obama born? We will find out on the same day we learn how many people shot Jack Kennedy, and why WTC Building 5 fell to an apparent controlled demolition.