The Sensible Environmentalist: The Truth About Carbon Dioxide!

From The Rebel Media

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, PhD is now “The Sensible Environmentalist,” cutting through the phony science of “global warming” with the facts. In his very first video in this new series, he explains why carbon dioxide is a hero, not a villain.

For more than a decade, Patrick was one of the senior leaders of Greenpeace, till he broke with them over their embrace of radical politics at the expense of science.

Well, Patrick is back to set the record straight on carbon dioxide.

Moore, who has a PhD in ecology, explains:

Is the Earth warming? Well, yes, there’s been slight warming in the past 300 years since the peak of the Little Ice Age. But guess what? There’s no scientific proof that this is caused by carbon dioxide.  And simply asserting a hypothesis does not prove it to be true.

But that doesn’t stop environmentalists, activists, and the most troubling – politicians – from calling carbon dioxide a toxic pollutant that will destroy life and bring civilization to its knees. It’s so bad that governments say we need to tax it!

So what would happen if eco-activists got their wish and brought an end to all CO2 emissions from fossil fuels?

Well, eventually the earth would begin to die…

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and watch the co-founder of Greenpeace school today’s environmental extremists. It’s a factual briefing you’ll never hear from the CBC’s fruit fly scientist, David Suzuki!


The mainstream media, politicians and government-funded scientists all blame carbon dioxide for global warming — which just happens to pave the way for carbon taxes.

This video may be the best chance we have to push back against global warming junk science.

we’ve got to fight superstition with science! Pass it on!

~Blessed B~

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2 Responses to The Sensible Environmentalist: The Truth About Carbon Dioxide!

    • Blessed B. says:

      Thanks! I figure if the Dims can keep pushing their stupidity…we should be fighting back every chance we get to show the truth. 🙂