Debate Night Open Thread

Cartoon: Clinton Trump Debate

Feel free to blab about anything, especially after the debate ends.  We’ll all be interested to read what your impressions were about the debate, … er… spectacle.  With 100 million viewers worldwide, this is the largest watched debate evah!  It’s yuuge.

It should be noted this is Hillary’s FIRST real debate.  The others were simple kumbaya lefty love fests with no debate.  This time it’s real.

~ Hardnox

Snapchat Trump Debate

Video starts at 9 PM Eastern – Live Stream:

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42 Responses to Debate Night Open Thread

  1. Blessed B says:

    Can’t wait!! Would love to see Hitlery have a total apoplectic fit on stage!

    It’s Show Time! 🙂

  2. Blessed B says:

    Some Debates are worth a Hill(ary)- of- Beans, but this one Trumps them all! 🙂

    Ok, so I definitely don’t have a future as a comedian…..

  3. Feliinty says:

    Will be looking for the puppeteer responsible for holding the Daughter of Lies’ head up…let alone the rest of her! Wonder if Trump will ask about her inner-ear problem… heh heh heh, cough, cough…wait, she can’t stop coughing now! What allergy excuse will she have NOW?

  4. Hadenoughalready says:

    Popcorn’s all set but I decided to forego the brandy. Wanted to see this through un-glazed eyes (I hope I don’t end up regretting it).

    • Blessed B says:

      Don’t forget the non-alcohol drinks HEA…..some of Hitlery’s answers are going to leave you choking on the popcorn or needing something to wash the taste of upchuck out of your mouth.

  5. Hardnox says:

    Here’s the link to a Live broadcast for those that don’t have a TV:

  6. Felinity says:

    Try, Right Side Broadcasting Network: Good steady hi-def stream.

  7. SafeSpace says:

    Better hope Hillaroid does NOT collapse. Then the dems will have every excuse to substitute Ol’ Joe, and the sympathy vote might be huge. Just pray for Trump to cream her intellectually…..

  8. I.R. Wayright says:

    I made it until 9:21 and had to leave. Couldn’t stand anymore. I’m now tuned in to Gas Monkey Garage which has a much better cast of characters.

  9. SafeSpace says:

    Well, the ol’ hag managed to stay on her feet for 1-1/2 hours. Now, to demonstrate her “stamina”, she’ll likely take a week off to rest up. I got sick and tired of seeing her plastic smile; Trump wiped it off her mug by the end of the first hour. Trump suffers from non-specificity on a lot of issues … but he got off plenty of great comments that really nailed Obammy’s entire Regime and Hillaroid’s role in it. He is aimed at the entire DC establishment and its career politicians who make “nothing but terrible deals” — still campaigning as the outsider, which is why most of us support him in the first place. He also made it clear to Mister Holt that he (Trump) would not ignore lies and fabrications about his background. I guess I’d score this one Trump 70%, Hillaroid 30%.

    • Blessed B says:

      Loved that he got his first shot in by calling her Secretary Clinton! It tied her back in with the Obama regime. IMHO…she shouldn’t have allowed him to do that but…that was her first mistake.

      Trump had some good jabs at her…though he really needs to not take her bait when she dangles it in front of him. He needs to answer the question posed to him and add the jabs at the regime that Hillary was a part of that have nothing to show for almost eight years, except for high unemployment due to job loses, Companies and businesses moving out of America due to high taxes and regulations, foreign relations in the gutter due to Obama regime doing the war of conquest and Occupation and helping the enemy. He could have stressed the saying…..doing something over and over again in exactly the same way…for the past 30 years….with nothing being better for anyone except for the career politicians, is just pure insanity.

      I was darn saddened that she actually stood up for the whole darn debate….I was waiting for her to have a coughing fit or faint….. Oh well….there’s always next time!

  10. Hadenoughalready says:

    Watched the whole damned thing. I have to admit, she did well keeping awake although I did notice her eyes getting a bit droopy towards the last 30 minutes.

    He did well but missed a few opportunities to slam her against the wall. He missed asking her about the millions she and Bill stole from the Haitians and didn’t hit by asking her how she could lie with such a straight face when she did.

    I counted more cheering outbursts on his remarks than hers, too. The moderator had to remind the viewers to refrain after the third time they cheered Trump’s answers.

    All in all, I think he did well. He does need to take notes, next time, instead of trying to correct her while she’s talking. Then he can slam on rebuttal.

    I’m almost ashamed of myself going to bed sober after this may lay. It’s also a good thing I unloaded my 9; I like my new TV…lol

  11. Hardnox says:

    Frankly, I thought the debate was kinda flat. Hillary did better than I thought she would do and the 3 week rest obviously did her good. That and the total blood transfusion and massive B12 shots.

    Trump could have went for the kill shot on some points but he never took them. I’m disappointed. Trump did make some good points on Libya, Iran, and other countries but never elaborated to convince the undecided low information voters.

    Supposedly, 20% of the electorate uses the debates to decide who to vote for. Without dissecting the debate at length, i’d have to give this one to Hillary for no other reason than she lied and scored points. Trump failed to punch holes in those lies.

    My 2 cents.

    • I.R. Wayright says:

      I’m glad I only wasted 21 minutes of my time. I knew there would be plenty of analysis on the debate. I already know who I’m voting against, so what’s the big deal?

  12. Terry says:

    Now go empty your colostomy bag.

  13. Emilia says:

    Didn’t watch all of it…bounced back and forth between the debate and Bizarre (sp)? Foods. Found the Chinese food much more interesting! Watching them cook slippery eels and butchering, skinning and frying snakes somehow seemed quite appropriate 😉 Maybe a little ”transference” in my tired mind. I did notice that Pantsuits only fawned over those front row folks along with old BillyBoy and flew the coop. She will probably need at least a week of bed rest now. I know she was making me sleepy almost from the very beginning with her droopy eyelids and that is why I had to switch channels. I really don’t know who won~

  14. Blessed B says:

    Anyone else just want to wipe that smug little smirk right off her face that was plastered there for the whole darn debate???

    • Hardnox says:

      There were tens and tens of millions of us. 🙂

    • Hadenoughalready says:

      Yup; Me! I wanted to slap that smirk off her mug. She reminded me of the evil clown on Stephen King’s “It’…

      • Emilia says:

        That “smug” smile seems to be a liberal trademark…seen that “look” on many of their faces! Her VP, several commentators and especially that Jamoo woman. Sooooooo condescending to all of us *DEPLORABLES*