The Truth Will Out

and it appears now that the DOJ and the FBI never planned to prosecute The Clot.

EXCERPT:  “From the moment the EmailGate scandal went public more than a year ago, it was obvious that the Federal Bureau of Investigation never had much enthusiasm for prosecuting Hillary Clinton or her friends. Under President Obama, the FBI grew so politicized that it became impossible for the Bureau to do its job – at least where high-ranking Democrats are concerned.

As I observed in early July, when Director James Comey announced that the FBI would not be seeking prosecution of anyone on Team Clinton over EmailGate, the Bureau had turned its back on its own traditions of floating above partisan politics in the pursuit of justice. “Malfeasance by the FBI, its bending to political winds, is a matter that should concern all Americans, regardless of their politics,” I stated, noting that it’s never a healthy turn of events in a democracy when your secret police force gets tarnished by politics.

Just how much Comey and his Bureau punted on EmailGate has become painfully obvious since then. Redacted FBI documents from that investigation, dumped on the Friday afternoon before the long Labor Day weekend, revealed that Hillary Clinton either willfully lied to the Bureau, repeatedly, about her email habits as secretary of state, or she is far too dumb to be our commander-in-chief.”

And HERE is why DC is lawless and corrupt.

EXCERPT:  “Just this week the House Oversight Committee recommended that Pagliano be cited for contempt of Congress for his repeated no-shows. That vote was on strictly partisan lines, with not a single Democrat on the committee finding Pagliano’s ignoring of Congressional subpoenas to be worthy of censure.”

And here comes the weenie…

EXCERPT:  “Not to mention that Mills has a longstanding and well-deserved reputation in Washington for helping the Clintons dodge investigation after investigation. When Bill and Hillary need a fixer to help them bury the bodies – as they say inside the Beltway – trusty Cheryl Mills has been on call for the last quarter-century.” Mills is a person so devoid of soul, ethics, and a moral compass that it is almost unbelievable.

The entire article is a must read but the bottom line is that there is no longer a government FOR the people but rather, a government so deeply corrupt that a total replacement of every SOB in it would be just a good start and those replaced going before a REAL tribunal of vetted and uncorruptable Americans and held responsible for their actions, from imprisonment to a hanging.

BTW: It appears that Comey was in tight with the Clintons and you can bet your ass still is.

ANOTHER must read:

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9 Responses to The Truth Will Out

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  2. Peppermint says:

    None of this should surprise anyone. If anyone remembers, long before the investigation was in its’ infancy, Loretta Lynch already stated that they would never prosecute Hillary for these crimes. That was the real kicker as she already decided before it began.

  3. Hardnox says:

    Good post albeit aggravating. A thorough purge is in order.

    • GunnyG says:

      Many of us knew that the fix was in. I knew about Comey and Pardongate back in 2000. How many Americans remembered that Eric Holder was janet Reno’s right hand man when she murdered Americans at Waco?

  4. Terry says:

    On top of Cheryl Mills being “devoid of soul, ethics, and a moral compass”, she was also devoid of a security clearance, though she was privy to some pretty heavy stuff.

    Good post, Gunny.