Sunday Feel Good Stories

Last week this Asian woman in Gwinnett County GA went full Annie Oakley on three armed thugs that broke into her home in the middle of the night.  One thug was DRT.  The other was wounded and arrested.  The last one is still being sought and is hopefully wounded.

SimmonsThis one is sent to us by our own Uriel, and we thank her:

A good samaritan kills woman attacker at Walmart – The DRT attacker was identified as John W. Simmons, III, 28, of Kansas City. Simmons reportedly had a protective order filed against him in 2013 by the mother of his child, according to Missouri court records.

Police said the second attacker ran off and is still at large.

A man arrested near the scene was released after police questioned him and determined he was not involved, reported the Kansas City Star.

The Good Samaritan remained hospitalized in serious condition on Monday. The victim was released from the hospital and the child was not injured.

“You know our hearts and prayers go out to both of them for a speedy recovery. I know we have many people out right now, many teams of officers and detectives. We had to make contact with the family of Good Samaritan No. 1 to get them to the hospital to be with him, but apparently Good Samaritan No. 1 is able to talk,” said Maj. Dan Tennis of the Shawnee Police Department.

Fredrick Eisnaugle, 27, tried to break into a home in Columbus, Ohio, but he was confronted by an armed homeowner inside the home. Eisnaugle was found by police suffering from his wound and they took him to the hospital where they can find him later and drop him off at his new digs in the local lockup.

Last month, in Linndale, Ohio, Varshaun Dukes, 22, with his friends, Nathan and Mario Hubbard, tried to rob a fellow. Dukes fired at their victim and missed. The victim, a concealed weapon permit holder, returned fire. Duke lost some brain matter in the encounter, in fact he still has a .45 caliber bullet lodged in his noggin. Prosecutors are concerned how he’ll make it to his trial in his condition. Just goes to show you – you have to aim for something vital.

A clerk in Anaheim, California, fired his gun at thieves as they left his store, but he needs some range time – no one was injured.

Cornell Lamont Strong II in Muncie, Indiana, saw armed thugs approaching his front door on his surveillance system. He fired two rounds through his door – he struck Scott Allen Gilliam, 26, with one of those rounds and Gilliam was DRT (dead right there). Strong was arrested later when investigating officers found a pound of weed in his home.

Barrett B. Farabee was shot last Friday in Lafayette, Louisiana when, armed and naked, he was found to be trespassing on an armed Homeowner’s property. Farabee was DRT. It looks like he also murdered his girlfriend, Alannah L. Montalvo, 23, whose earthly remains were found stuffed into a toolbox along a hiking trail.

Ranbir Thakeur, a store clerk in Davenport, Iowa thwarted the sixth armed robbery of his store in five years with a hammer and a cellphone – a combination which scared off the criminals.

In Jackson, Mississippi, Richard Snyder, defended his home and family from two intruders who forced their way into his house to take his legally prescribed medicinal marijuana. One of the criminals was already on parole, so he’s back in prison for those violations, the other is still recovering from the judicial use of firepower by Snyder.

Martiez Holmes tired to force his way into the home of single mother of three children in Warner Robins, Georgia. She defended herself with a small-caliber handgun and wounded Holmes. The police found Holmes nearby nursing his wound.

Beverly Ricci was walking her dog in Clark, New Jersey when a man with a big knife, Emmanuel Goda, 36, accosted her. Three neighbors came to her rescue and distracted him while Ricci made good her escape. The three men kept Goda busy while the police arrived and he started moving on the officers – they shot him once in the abdomen and he’s now nursing his injuries in the hospital.

In New Orleans, Louisiana, a mom took her handgun to extricate her son from a disagreement he was having with an armed man. Leaving the scene, she dropped her gun and the man her son was arguing with shot her in the arm. Her son retrieved the gun and shot the criminal center mass. The criminal has been arrested and he’s recovering in the hospital.

A man in Lubbock, Texas was accosted by Jordan Mitchell Emerson, 22 in his driveway. He fought Emerson off once and called his wife to bring him his gun. Emerson came back and attacked him again, this time with a knife. The man responded this time with gun fire, getting one good center mass shot. Emerson was taken to the hospital where he’s being treated for his wound.

In St Louis, Missouri, a man was approached by a car thief who demanded the man’s property. The victim, instead, fired his gun at the crook who fled the scene. The criminal was found DOT (dead over there) nearby in a vacant lot.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a man went to the ATM with his wife and child. Another man confronted him with a gun and took his money from the ATM. The victim got back in his car and started to leave, but he remembered his ATM card was still in the machine so he returned, so did the thief. The victim proceeded to run over the criminal with his car. Then he got out of his car, took his money back and got the ATM card and drove off again until he had to explain it to the police. They viewed security camera footage and determined that the story checked out and as soon as the crook gets out of the hospital, he’ll be arrested.

An armed burglar forced his way into a Richland, South Carolina home and was promptly confronted by “multiple occupants”. He fled the scene, but police found him and took him to the hospital to be treated for his injuries suffered at the hands of his intended victims. Another link says that the burglar’s name was Rion Harvin, a twenty-year-old and that he threatened two occupants with a gun, but the son defending his mother, stabbed Harvin who fled. Bottomline is that Harvin was arrested.

An off-duty police officer moonlighting as a security guard in Queens, New York, was approached by a criminal who demanded his money and his gun. The officer surrendered his bullets one at a time and the thief was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

A bank customer in Homewood, Alabama shot at and missed a bank robber as he fled from the scene. The thief ran into the waiting arms of police.

In Beaumont, California, a man approached police officers at a drive-through at Burger King wielding a hatchet. The officers shot him and he was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

An 80-year-old homeowner in Cornville, Arizona heard a burglar rummaging through his cupboards and confronted him with a gun. The thief begged the man not to shoot him and slipped away while the homeowner went to call police.

30-year-old James Nero tried to break into a Dallas, Texas home but the homeowner confronted him with gunfire after he heard breaking glass and saw Nero standing inside him home. Nero was found nearby and transported to the hospital to have his new orifices plugged.

A 61-year-old, while checking on a property in Chicago, Illinois, that he was having remodeled, was confronted by two youngsters. The property owner had a concealed weapon and a license which he used to injure a 16-year-old who was promptly arrested by police nearby. His accomplice an 11-year-old, had a laceration on his hand which he probably injured while making his escape.

A 23-year-old resident in Cleveland Ohio caught a 29-year-old thief rummaging through cars. He held the thief at gun point until the police arrived. The thief also needed stitches from the pistol-whipping he received from his captor.

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4 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    Don’t just wound these guys. Empty the gun on ’em.
    It should go something like this:
    Policeman: “Why did you shoot the perp 17 times?”
    Home Owner: “That’s all the gun holds.”

  2. Popular Front says:

    I enjoy reading these Sunday stories and I’m a firm believer in citizens being allowed to protect themselves by any means necessary. THAT is what I call a ‘human right’.
    What really makes me laugh is how dumb some of these criminals are. It’s no wonder so many get blown away (good). It’s no wonder they become burglars and stick-up men because they’re too stupid to do anything else. Would you employ any of the dickheads above in your plant?