Trump’s Special Guest at Monday Debate

The not so clever Hildabeast campaign, but thinking they are clever, invited Mark Cuban of Shark Tank fame to be a guest in the front row at the debate to be nothing more than a mind screw for Trump with the hope of throwing Trump off his game.  Cuban has been a Hillary shill and a detractor of Trump.

Trump responded by invited Gennifer Flowers to be his guest in the front row.  In case you forgot, Flowers was BJ Clinton’s long time lover who Hildabeast savagely attempted to defame during GJ’s impeachment hearings.

Ms. Flowers has accepted Trump’s invitation and will be at Monday night’s event.  FRONT ROW.


~ Hardnox


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13 Responses to Trump’s Special Guest at Monday Debate

  1. vonmesser says:

    Still want flashing strobes.

  2. Terry says:

    I was LMFAO when I read that. Ya can’t out-trump Trump !

  3. GunnyG says:

    I said this to my coworker on Friday that Trump should invite not only Flowers but the girl who was raped that Hillary laughed about! When I said Monica Lewinsky my buddy was on the floor!

  4. captbogus2 says:

    Won’t bother Hillary a bit. She has no conscience and believes her own lies.

  5. clyde says:

    Look what this has devolved to. A goddamn circus. Color me disgusted.

  6. thom penberthy says:

    Clinton and Trump will not see Cuban, and Flowers due to stage lighting so this is useless. Furthermore … Hillary cold care less about Flowers because Hillary is a Cold, Frigid lezbian. She doesn’t care about Bill, or his mistresses. I am quite sure their marriage is non-existent, and has been non -existent for at least thirty years.

    • Hardnox says:

      Welcome to N&F Thom. Good points but I think these tactics were more about the media and their hype rather than the candidates themselves. I thought Trump’s reply perfect insomuch that he flipped a middle finger at Team Hillary.

      As it turns out Flowers will not be attending. Don’t know why just yet.