Ready to Move to Canada, Eh?

Lots of celebrities have stated they will move to Canada if Trump wins this election. Less than one working brain cell, leftist stars, has-beens, loud-mouthed actors, and D-list celebrities who have said they’ll leave America if Trump is elected:

  • Lena Dunham
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Cher
  • Jon Stewart
  • Raven Symone
  • Natasha Lyonne
  • Omari Hardwick
  • Spike Lee
  • Chloë Sevigny
  • Eddie Griffin
  • George Lopez
  • Al Sharpton
  • Neve Campbell
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Barbara Streisand

Promising to voluntarily self deport at personal, not government expense. They are the oh so tolerant, so open minded, such believers in diversity, pluralism and multi culturalism liberal public personalities who will only remain in this country if you agree with them and vote the way they want you to.  Their dislike of Trump is so intense and they are so narrow minded and intolerant that they are willing to become illegal–but fully documented–immigrants in another country and join those other migrants from Africa and the Mideast in Europe.  Source

I would bet though that many of these idiots won’t get into Canada! First off…we don’t allow people to just come over the Northern Border into Canada and ask for Political Asylum. We sent back US Military individuals who didn’t want to go fight in Afghanistan, so what makes them think that Canada will allow anyone to move here cuz they don’t like their President?

Here’s a News Flash for them from Huffington Post ! It’s not as easy as they seem to think! (BB)

Here is what it really takes to move to the Great White North!

So many people have declared that they’re going to move to Canada – but most people have no idea what it takes to actually be able to immigrate. As one of the few American’s who has moved to Canada since they revamped their immigration programs in 2015, I’m here to debunk a few common misconceptions about what it takes.

You Can’t just move North!

Canada does not take kindly to Americans just showing up at the border with a moving truck. As a sovereign nation, they set up their own immigration policies and have strict requirements and have the right to turn anyone away. There’s no special policies for Americans, you have to go through the system like anyone else. If you want to move to Canada, you’ll need to enter through the proper immigration channels. 

You can’t retire to Canada!

Some countries will allow you to move there as a retiree, making you a legal resident without the right to work. Canada is not one of those countries. If you are retired, you’ll need to be sponsored by a family member or qualify as an immigrant investor. This is not a realistic option for most people.

Marriage is not enough!

Marriage can make you eligible for a pathway to citizenship, but it’s hardly the fast-track to a Canadian passport. Marriage does not give you the right to live and work in Canada. If you are inadmissible due to a past criminal record, serious health issues, or any other reason, you can still be denied the right to live in Canada permanently regardless of who you are married to.

If you are married to a Canadian or have the documents to prove you’re living together and in a committed relationship, they can sponsor you to become a permanent resident. You will both have to meet a list of certain requirements and the process can take months or years.

You need a clean record! (This disqualifies most of the above on the list!!)

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, you may be deemed Criminally Inadmissible to Canada. Convictions for theft, drug possession, drunk driving, and dangerous driving will get you turned away at the border. Lying about a conviction makes you doubly inadmissible and could lead you to being deported if caught.

All hope is not lost. If you were convicted of a crime with a maximum sentence of less than ten years in Canada, you can apply to prove that you’ve been rehabilitated and you no longer pose a criminal risk.

Any conviction will make moving to Canada more difficult and will most certainly slow down the immigration process.

So, how can you move to Canada?

There are many different programs that allow someone to legally live and work in Canada, each with its own requirements. There’s a quiz that can help you narrow down your best immigration option, which can be found at the Canadian government website for immigration.

Most people who can successfully immigrate to Canada will come through Express Entry, Canada’s skilled worker program. The goal of Express Entry is to bring young, educated, skilled workers into Canada. Your odds of qualifying for Express Entry are significantly lower if you are over age 35. (this disqualifies many on the above list!)

Express Entry uses a point system that awards points for your work history, education, language skills, age, and connections to Canada. The higher your score, the more likely it is that you will receive an invitation to apply for Express Entry and become a permanent resident.

If you don’t qualify for Express entry, you can still apply to attend school in Canada or do a work exchange. This could enable you to qualify for Express Entry later on.

Once you are a permanent resident, you have the right to live and work in Canada and can eventually apply for Canadian Citizenship.

You don’t need a job offer!

Canada’s thirst for skilled workers is so great they don’t require you to have a job offer to immigrate. What you do need is to demonstrate that you have the ability to find a job once you arrive in Canada. You need at least one year of full time ( or two years of part-time) experience in a professional occupation, management position, or skilled trade to qualify.

If you have a qualifying job offer, you’re awarded additional points and the requirement to prove that you have savings to support yourself while you look for a job is waived. While a job offer helps, it’s not required.

You don’t need unusual skills!

I knew people with in-demand skills had a lot of immigration options, but I assumed that only applied to Doctors and Rocket Scientists. That’s not the case at all. Many of the people who qualify for immigration through their skills have jobs no one at a cocktail party is particularly excited about: middle managers, graphic designers, and accountants. Those are all respectable occupations, but  not the kind of thing you’d imagine international doors would open for.

You don’t need a Lawyer!

Express Entry was designed so that regular people could apply and go through the process without needing the help of a lawyer or immigration consultant. Removing the expense of legal counsel reduces the cost of immigration significantly.

You may still want to work with an immigration consultant or lawyer. If you shudder at the thought of doing your own taxes or aren’t sure where to start when it comes to tracking down paperwork and filling out forms, a professional can help you avoid making mistakes.

Once you know which immigration program you qualify for and have taken the first steps towards applying, you can focus on planning your move, finding a job and getting settled in your new country.

One other thing I would like to add….Health care is not free in all of Canada! That is a big misconception! So…you will have to apply for health care in the Province you move to. I suspect though the health premiums you will have to pay will be significantly lower than Obamacare! (BB)

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22 Responses to Ready to Move to Canada, Eh?

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Tell them, “On your way out, don’t let the door hit you, where the Good Lord split you – and DON’T COME BACK!”.

    • Blessed B says:

      LOL! Don’t want them here either! WE have enough eejits of our own that have decided to make Canada the laughing stock of the world by electing turd-boy!

      I suggest that these idiots who want to move if Trump wins…they can always go to Cuba, Venezuela or Saudi Arabia…heck I bet even Britain would take them in!

  2. clyde says:

    All the above seem to love Cuba, send the fools there or some other shithole. I will GLADLY help them pack. Good piece.

  3. Emilia says:

    Just heard about ”Babs” getting on her soapbox against Trump this morning. I told the hubs the only claim to fame she really has is God blessed(?) her with a snooter that gave her a unique voice and the questionable ability to learn lines for a movie. Why on earth does she or any of the other Hollywierds think their opinion matters to me? They are welcome to leave anytime and I know there are many of us who will be available to help them pack! Personally, I suspect zERO wants Gitmo closed and returned to Cuba so he doesn’t get sent there. Did he forget that they have some fairly new basketball courts he might enjoy.

    • Blessed B says:

      They seem to think they are something special all right. Nobody gives two hoots about them though really. Never could stand Babs!

      As for Ovomit….he won’t last long after his presidency is over….someone will snuff him. He should re-think Gitmo, it just might save his black a**!

  4. Hardnox says:

    Add some Canadian born politicians and media talking heads to the list.

    We should adopt some of your immigration policies… oh yeah, we already have them except our douchey government doesn’t enforce the laws and cites new laws written in invisible ink… my bad.

    • Blessed B says:

      Don’t send any of those to Canada! We have more than enough at CBC and affiliate channels to have to deal with! The Liberals and Progressives here already in Canada who are Politicians need to be shipped out to Britain or other countries who believe as they do.

      I heard that Venezuela will take all of them but they need to arrive with suitcases filled with 100 Euro bills!! They don’t want American monies though…it’s not worth anything to them.

      As for your immigration policies…. just need a leader who will follow them. I can’t travel to the USA due to some of those new laws you have written in invisible ink! I’d be taken to some gulag somewhere ( Californication or New York) and be interrogated for crimes against islam!! 🙂

      • Hardnox says:

        So sorry… you bet we’re sending them back to Canada. They are beyond their “best buy” date. Feed ’em to the bears. We don’t want them.

        I’ll put a good word in for you with President Trump. I’m sure it’s a minor misunderstanding given the douchey current regime.

        • Blessed B says:

          Can’t feed them to the bears…..they don’t like the shitty taste that it leaves in their mouths. Perhaps you could drop them off about 100 miles from your West Coast with some chum in the water…..I heard sharks will even eat garbage.

          When Trump gets in, I would appreciate that help from you. The current regime thinks I’m going to start the next revolution which is why I’m an unwanted ‘Deplorable’…..

  5. captbogus2 says:

    I’d be willing to bet these idiots would never pack up and move. They are just spouting off.

    For some reason they believe that just because they can toe a chalk mark on the stage as they impersonate someone else and speak words, written by someone else that they are some kind of friggin’ genius’.

    By making above statement proves they are morons in need of perpetual care by someone with at least half a brain.

    • Blessed B says:

      I don’t think they will move either….too much work to do to just get into Canada. Most would be turned away due to prior convictions.

      For some reason they seem to think that folks will care if they move to another country.

  6. vonmesser says:

    They’re so big on supporting the illegals from Mexico, why don’t they move there?

  7. Too funny. Excellent and timely reporting, BB!

  8. Skip Calvert says:

    Yes let them move, money stays here. We can all chip in with a few $$$ to send them to Mexico or other places south. But like I said Money stays here, including any benefits from THE “G” . I have $20.00 to start the collection. Skip

    • Blessed B says:

      I have heard that many Americans have already found out that just because they move North, they still have to pay taxes in America on monies made. I’m not sure how to go about having that changed. Guess they would have to contact someone to find out.
      Most of the rich though have bank accounts in tax haven countries so they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

      They will have to stay put if they don’t have all the paperwork done beforehand…and that takes sometime to do….I would think that they would find it too difficult and opt for somewhere else where it is easier to just move to. Let them spend their own monies to move though. Don’t need to spend your hard earned dollars to help them.

  9. SafeSpace says:

    Having spent the 1970s in Quebec, I suggest these libtards move to La Belle Province, and experience life as a minority (as I’m dang certain none of them are fluent in French). Might do their candy-asses good, to be on the receiving end of prejudice for a while….!

    • Blessed B says:

      My condolences for your time spent in Quebec! It hasn’t changed much since the 70’s…. anyone other than a French speaking person is looked upon as pond scum. The funny thing about that is…..the French spoken in Quebec is an archaic form of the French Language. Those who speak ‘French-Canadian’ French and travel to France and try to communicate there are not understood very well. If you think the French-Canadians are prejudiced and stuck up…..the French in France are even worse with the attitude.

      The only problem with having them move to Quebec would be that they would soon tire of it and move to some other Province….. putting more stupidity most likely in the Province of British Columbia in Vancouver as there is a film industry there. The Western portion of Canada is being inundated with these liberal/progressive eejits who are moving to the West for job opportunities.

      If we could break Canada into two countries….West and East….. we would be better off!

  10. GunnyG says:

    Bastards need to move to Cuba. F em all.