Hannity: Special Townhall Event in Cleveland

This event was last night and is very good.  Trump answers questions from the audience with a special focus on how a Trump residency will affect blacks.

The stats in the beginning of this event are stunning.  Yes, that is the democrat/lefty legacy.  They own it.  Hillary can yap about how much her party is for the working people but there is no evidence to suggest that her agenda would be any different than what we have seen these last 8 years.

Remember, before Trump announced there wasn’t a single allegation of racism.  In fact, Trump was lauded by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as being a very diverse employer.  Now, after he receives the republican nomination for president he’s suddenly a racist.  Sorry, that dog won’t hunt.

The panel of guests was stellar during this event, especially Ben Carson’s comments.

~ Hardnox

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2 Responses to Hannity: Special Townhall Event in Cleveland

  1. Uriel says:

    excellent townhall but I have to wonder since it was supposed to be about the audience participation, DID they get a chance without the cameras to ask and speak with Trump? I know time edit makes a big difference but truthfully I really wanted to hear their concerns, questions, and the answers. Those statistics were staggering but given all we have talked about at Hardnox, not unexpected.

    I truly invite and would like to hear from conservative Blacks more on issues we bring up. This whole website is NOT a bashing site but one which is passionate about preserving our country and the rights of ALL its citizens who also care about it. We can not evolve and continue to improve if honesty and respect are not present. Liberals, communists, socialists, and apparently the Democrat Party are not about any of those values or beliefs.

    Christian values (no matter the religion are a part of faith in a Benevolent Creator) including loving homes are absolutely necessary. Indiscriminate, evil, and irreverent actions have brought our country down. We can only pray that God in His wisdom has emboldened and empowered the spirit in which brought all immigrants together to form this union to help return us before we go too far down the wrong path.

    It may already be too late say most but if all of us do not try then WE are the issue.

    • Hardnox says:

      That was a wonderful comment Uriel. I fully expect there was much more one on one with the audience than what was broadcast for obvious reasons. Trump is not stingy with his time.