With Sunday Afternoon Just Around The Corner….

fallenAre you football fanatics going to vote with your wallets, and deny the NFL ratings and thus advertising revenue? Time to tell the brass hats in the front office that we will not pay to see Colin Kaepernick et al demonstrate ignorance and ingratitude by sitting out our National Anthem. Twenty million dollars for throwing a friggin’ football, and these manboys have to whine about “fairness”?

Colin, HERE is why we stand for the anthem:

You want to make a statement, Li’l Colin? Stop pissing away your money on jewelry, cars, and honies. Visit the ‘hood of your choice and help some of the genuine brainpower trapped there to start businesses. Demonstrate a work ethic. Encourage a few of the men you know to be fathers to the spawn of their baby mamas, The United States of America is just about the ONLY nation on earth where you can choose between being a self-indulgent pathetic asshat, or using the skills you have to help your people.

We will be watching, Colin. We will be watching, NFL front office. You’ve got a mighty forum on Sunday afternoon. Let’s see what you choose to do with it.

~ SafeSpace (formerly posting as GoHuggaTree)

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4 Responses to With Sunday Afternoon Just Around The Corner….

  1. vonmesser says:

    In July I went to my first professional baseball game in over 50 years. I went only because the schola from my Knights of Columbus Assembly sang the National Anthem and my wife is a baseball fan. I have not ever in my life gone to a pro football game – and see no reason to start now.

  2. Hardnox says:

    I have never been a professional sports fan. That stated, the NFL might as well just stop having a fly-over by the United States Military before the game. nIt’s hypocritical.

    First Amendment rights? It doesn’t apply here. The First Amendment protects us from the government. Nothing more.

    The NFL is a private organization and the dickheads, with a political agenda which they clearly know nothing about, need to STFU. We don’t care what they think.

    Am I pissed? Yes I am. I have lost brothers who fought for their right to be dickheads.

  3. W Barna says:

    The fans are in the driver’s seat…..they can stop this bad behavior in one month. As for me, so-called “professional” sports are a complete waste of my time….a bunch of over-paid whiners not worth spit. They better never let me be King.

  4. Terry says:

    Spot-on SafeSpace !
    Though I’ll continue to watch my beloved N.O. Saints (WHO DAT !) as I have for the past 50 years, that will be the extent of my viewing.
    But if one of them pulls a Kaepernick Caper, I’ll become a member of the Ain’ts.