Rebel Media: Will they kill Trump to stop him?

Since Donald Trump is kicking Hillary’s butt on all fronts and is gaining in the polls, whereas even the lefty media is openly announcing their panic, Canadian media pundit Ezra Levant is concerned about Trump’s safety.

Point taken Ezra.  Shivers….

Trillions are at state in this election.  Thugs here and abroad are crapping razorblades at the prospect of a Trump presidency.  We’ve said it many times here.  Let’s hope Ezra is just having anxiety pangs and the Secret Service does their jobs and we are able to participate in a Trump presidency and help everyone “Make America Great Again”.

Nevertheless, it is a very legitimate concern as there are a lot of bad actors out there that do not want the American people to vote in a person that will upset the apple cart.

~ Hardnox

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15 Responses to Rebel Media: Will they kill Trump to stop him?

  1. “Will they kill Trump to stop him?”

    It’s their only option.

    • Hardnox says:

      Yup, Let’s all hope and pray they are unsuccessful. I imagine the threat level is off the charts.

    • Wetzel says:

      I’d bet a little fly on the wall somewhere could tell us those plans have been made. It struck me as beyond even the brown clown to talk the way he did at the UN. Like it’s a done deal, now let’s move on to the new world order. Chilling. God help us.

      • Unable to ignore what Scripture has said, nothing this “brown clown” does is beyond possibility.
        He is evil incarnate and the islamists are akin to the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.
        Expect the worst and prepare for it.

  2. upaces88 says:

    I had NEVER sent a Tweet in my life until Trump started it. You just can’t say enough. Finally, I narrowed what I wanted to say…”Donald, get your own Security Team along with Secret Service. You are in danger.

  3. Blessed B. says:

    Russian TV has said that it is a possibility….

  4. clyde says:

    Certainly not beyond the realm of possibility with the Clintleones. Look for Soreholes to fund it.

    • Navyvet says:

      It won’t surprise me if they try it before the elections if the real polls indicate the gap is too big for their fraud to overcome.
      Or what happens if DT does overcome the obvious Democrat fraud and they successfully whack him after the election but before the inauguration? Does Bozo Berry say on?? Aaarrrrgggghhhh!

  5. Peppermint says:

    This is something Bull and I have been worried about for some time now. I think the danger is extremely high for Trump to be assassinated. The Commies and the globalists have come to far with their agenda to allow it to be interrupted.

    I don’t trust the SS. So many of them are not trained properly since the King demanded triple SS for himself. Plus I also believe someone could be paid off to take Trump down. As I’ve watched the SS while Trump is signing autographs there seems to be a real lack of protection by them.

    I know he does have his own security detail.

    The thing of it is though, if they are so determined to get rid of him, someone will.

    I pray he stays safe.