Terrorist Attacks Over The Past Weekend

Will our officials FINALLY step up?

Here is what the BBC  has to say: (note:  Ironically, I found not one mainstream liberal media article while searching.)
September 19, 2016

Saturday 09:30 local time (13:30 GMT): Pipe bomb explodes on route of charity race in Seaside Park, New Jersey
Saturday 21:00 local time (01:00 Sunday GMT): Manhattan pressure cooker bomb explodes
Saturday 23:30 local time (03:30 Sunday GMT): Manhattan second pressure cooker bomb found but does not explode
Saturday 20:00 local time (02:00 Sunday GMT): eight people stabbed in Minnesota
Sunday 20:30 local time (01:30 Monday GMT): first of five pipe bombs found in a bin in Elizabeth, New Jersey

What happened?
On Saturday morning, a pipe bomb exploded on the route of a charity race in New Jersey. Nobody was hurt, because the road was empty at the time. The race had been delayed due to an unattended bag. The event, which was planned to raise money for Marines and sailors, was cancelled.

That evening, a man dressed in a security uniform stabbed eight people in a shopping centre in a town in Minnesota. They all survived and none of their injuries are life-threatening. The attacker was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. It happened in St Cloud, 70 miles (110km) from the major city of Minneapolis. The town’s police chief said the man had asked at least one person if they were Muslim.

At roughly the same time, more than 1,200 miles (1,900km) away in Manhattan, New York, a pressure cooker filled with shrapnel exploded. It happened in the Chelsea area where there is a bustling nightlife, and 29 people were injured. All were released from hospital by Sunday. The same kind of bomb had been used in the Boston marathon attack in 2013. A second, similar, bomb found four blocks away was removed safely.

Overnight on Sunday and in the early hours of Monday morning, up to five explosive devices were found in a backpack inside a rubbish bin in Elizabeth, New Jersey. One of them exploded while being handled by a robot. The city’s mayor has said this was “not a controlled explosion”.


It is obvious to every one of us that Obama will not acknowledge nor take action as a leader of the US to stop or control incoming refugees. His own actions of inviting Muslim celebration of Ramadan at the Capitol or visits to mosques across the US that have been linked in some way to radical Islamic support is reprehensible given all that has happened.  In fact according to the Washington Examiner, he is today stepping up his game plan to bring in more refugees in a special summit.

In fact, Obama has been making sure more refugees enter either under a veil of secrecy or by funding agencies who provide this service if blogs and articles are accurate. Reports of waiting Somalis and others south of our border in Mexico or other countries is not exaggerated. They are a fact and have been reported in Mexico news as well as documented by our border patrol from tunnels and debris left by Muslim entrants to pictures taken of groups being loaded on buses at non-entry points.  Judicial Watch and military intel have both warned of this very thing.  

Protests block migrants’ arrival in Murrieta (tap to read)

There is no excuse and no reason for this escalation except one – Obama and his people in congress are encouraging and enabling these attacks by suppressing our agents from doing their jobs or by supplying funds being provided to bring in, settle, and sustain these poorly vetted or unvetted refugees/illegal immigrants.  There has been much written about the fact that it is not for the most part women, children, aged or infirmed who are being brought in but healthy, young to middle-aged men who should have been left in their own countries to fight their own wars.

Many of these current refugees from a very young age have been brought up to hate, kill, and revile any but their own faith.  If they were interested in their people, then why are those same able-bodied refugees not back home trying to save their own countries. Most concerned citizens like me are of the opinion that they are in fact here for purposes other than immigration or seeking asylum.  Europe has found out the hard way the real purpose in coming to other lands with ever-increasing incoming waves of chaos and violence.

Are our citizens any less vulnerable than European countries?  We are NOT thanks to Obama and his minions.  Across the country we are seeing a lot of changes just as Europe has where rape, fear, attacks, and escalating violence are taking hold yet being suppressed by Obama’s machines.

All but a few voices in congress are silent. Why?  Not one of those backing the Democrat(socialist) and Obama agenda should be allowed to hold office again. (Interestingly enough, while the Ethics Committee has investigated both Republican and Democrat wrongdoing allegations, it appears those brought to justice on charges of corruption, misuse of position, fraud, money laundering and more have more often been Democrat congressmen and women over the years.  That should be a clue.)

As far as I am concerned here in the United States not one judge, official, enforcement officer, soldier, high-ranking official, congressman, man or woman who needs a Quran to be sworn in on should be allowed entry into our country if an immigrant/refugee or to hold any office at any level in our government.  Swearing on a Quran is swearing to uphold the government of Islam which is counter to our country’s constitution.  Swearing on a Christian Bible is not swearing to uphold any government on earth nor does it demand that those who are faithful followers do other than follow the laws of the country where the Christian abides.   No other religion that I am aware of requires that the followers abandon a country’s laws or rights over the rights of the religion.  Catholicism at one time tried but eventually found over time that it did not have the strength or power to continue even in its main papal stronghold Italy.

After last weekend, there should be NO doubts that the US is under attack on our own soil by jihadists. The FBI and police can not be at every point of vulnerability every minute of every day. It is up to the citizens to be alert, say something to aid in preventing attacks. Last weekend proved even with sophisticated departments watching security cameras 24/7 or FBI intelligence, the ball can be dropped and these vermin can harm others. We know where Obama stands but where is the congressional action?  When do we declare war on radical Islam inside our country and arrest everyone with any radical ties no matter their religion, naturalized status, or country of origin including those in government who are aiding them?

For those liberal wimps supporting removing the Second Amendment gun rights.  The guy who hit the mall in Minnesota used a knife folks.  He was stopped by a bullet.  According to Big News Network:

The knife rampage left eight people gravely injured and left other onlookers petrified at the absurd attack. The man was reportedly dressed in a private security uniform and referenced ‘Allah’ while launching the attack at a mall in Minnesota. Reports noted that the suspect was stopped and then shot in the head by an off-duty police officer after which he succumbed to his injuries.

In the second of three attacks, the Elizabeth railway system was the target.  There was several video camera shots made from inside the area.  So where were the security or passengers calling in possible threats BEFORE when the person or persons were dropping off those bombs?   I was under the impression that railway stations ran a security surveillance department from a central location on all stations. Is this not true?  I know that stations are much more vulnerable because less emphasis has been placed on them even in heightened alert situations.  Japan, England, and other countries have had serious attacks which should have been a red flag for heightened transit security here in the US.

In the same weekend, there were reports that ISIS had issued further warnings to attack in southern states.  Okay folks, it’s time we got more proactive.  If you see something, tell your local police.  Yes, those same people that race baiters like BLM are targeting.  The same ones that put their lives on the line every minute they are on duty in order to keep the peace and keep us safe.  The same people regardless of color or sex that everyone calls when they have a problem.  If you feel like your senses are saying “trouble” then say something.  Stop allowing our citizens to be harmed, threatened, or living in fear because some arsewipe has a death wish.  Pay attention to surroundings when you are out and about.  Don’t be fearful, be vigilant.


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3 Responses to Terrorist Attacks Over The Past Weekend

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  2. Hardnox says:

    The jihadis are here on our homeland. They’ve been coming for a long time already. Obama has thrown out the welcome mat. I’ve love to see Prez Trump prosecute Batears for treason but one can dream…

    I think things are about to get worse in short order as the jihadis feel emboldened by Obama’s lack of reprisals and the Left’s coddling.

    Good post.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks. I agree from now till Trump takes office will be the most dangerous. We have seen an escalation since 2009 but these next four months we need to be especially careful.