Wild Bill: The Obama Internet Jihad

Obama is set to hand control of the Internet over to foreign entities!


Good question.  The next question is how is King Putt able to get away with this without Congressional approval?  It’s not as if the internet is the Panama Canal or something.

Putt is taking every brick out of our wall in order to make us weaker.

~ Hardmox

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3 Responses to Wild Bill: The Obama Internet Jihad

  1. “Why?” It’s quite simple. He can’t censor us but the UN can.

    That’s why he’s, also, signing the small arms agreement with them. Unfortunately, for him, this won’t go as well as he or the UN thinks.

    • Hardnox says:

      I know he needs the Senate’s consent on the Arms Treaty but where does he get the authority to give away control of the internet?

      I’ve looked around and can’t find any info on it.

      • Why, his crown and scepter (golf club) does… Didn’t you know that?

        Fact is, he can’t. But, so long as congress sits on its ass, lining its pockets with taxpayer’s and lobbyist’s money, nothing will be done to prevent him.

        Short answer: Arrest and imprison ALL OF THEM.