Kurtz: Trump beats the press, again

Yeah, Trump has labeled the alphabet media correctly.  The media IS the propaganda arm of the democrat party and those of us paying attention have known it for a long time.  Now many more Americans have come to that realization thanks to Trump.

Last Friday, Trump beat the media like a rented mule.  Bwhahahahahahaha.

The birther issue was brought up by Hillary recently to paint Trump as anti-black and it backfired since it has been revealed that Hillary first raised the Obama citizenship issue in 2008.

Funny how Trump was never accused of being racist before he announced his candidacy.  In fact he was applauded for his efforts in racial harmony by none other than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Even Oprah though him a good guy… but that was before.  This is now.


~ Hardnox

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18 Responses to Kurtz: Trump beats the press, again

  1. Skip Calvert says:

    Assholes, not at all, they are RECTUMS. Difference between AH and Rectum is you can hug a AH

  2. clyde says:

    Always good to see someone piss on the lamestreamers. It was Hitlary and BJ Bill’s butt boy Sidney Blumenthal that started the whole mess in ’08. Serves the assholes right to have THEIR malfeasance flung back at them.

  3. Adrienne says:

    This is proof of how stupid these paid chattering monkeys are. When Trump Rick Rolled them on Friday, instead of going about business as usual, they erupted in public denouncements of Trump. If they had kept their collective mouths shut, no one would have been the wiser. Instead, they let the whole world know how stupid they are while they cried like the babies they are. All they did was bring more attention to Trump. Dopes.

    • Hardnox says:

      It was beautiful. 🙂

    • It’s like they can’t help themselves. But the best is yet to come. Some in the Press are already talking about ‘payback’. The idiots think they’re going to orchestrate some big lie that’s going to be more believable than all the other lies? And big Press fabrications have a way of biting them on the ass, like Dan “Inaccurate but True” Rather.

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    I don’t care what anybody says about me. I have looked at a lot of the evidence that has been uncovered by various individuals and organizations and I will probably go to my grave believing Obama was a plant by TPTB and not born on US soil.
    It has never been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that his birth certificate is a copy of the original. Plus I would like to see a DNA test on who his real Daddy was.
    I would love to rub some liberal noses in that information.

    • Hardnox says:

      We’re on the same page I.R.

      Back in ’08 I went to Obama’s website and was surprised to see a thumbnail of his birth certificate. Immediately I noticed a flaw in the document since it stated “African-American” as race. That label wasn’t used since A-A was invented by Jesse Jackson in ’97, so the kid that made the BC didn’t know it.

      Two weeks later the document was changed to negro but it was a totally different document altogether.

      Then once Trump chased down the BC the WH magically released a multi-layered Adobe document that was proven to be false within minutes of its release.

      Add to that the hospital name which wasn’t in existence at the time and the whole BC story offered by Obama is bullshit.

      Do I think him born in the USA? Probably. My guess is his crack-ho mom effed up the paperwork while traveling between lovers and the paper trail got muddied. Then add the probability that Obama used his foreigner creds to get college grants in between changing is name of which there is no record plus the multiple SS numbers that he’s used.

      Yes, the man is a fraud. Trump knows it too but there is no reason politically to air it since the media has done a stellar job of creating a nutjob label for anyone mentioning it.

      Best to win the election first.

      In the end, I would love to know who this jerkoff is because he sure isn’t who he pretends to be. One day we’ll read about it in 50 years just like the dirt on the Kennedys. Too bad we’ll all be in the dirt by then too.

      • I.R. Wayright says:

        See also the Subud Cult and Loretta Fuddy. All so very convenient she was the only one who died in a ditching of a Cessna Caravan, one of the safest planes in the sky with the best ever engine. I would like to have had her on a polygraph for a half hour or so.
        Then there is a photo of an Indonesian man who has facial characteristics not unlike the wide eared one.
        Search and ye shall find……

    • bluesjunky says:

      Yup…my money sez Frank Marshall Davis is his old man. Barack Sr. was as ugly as they come, and Barry didn’t get his looks from Mom…she was no prize, either. And it ain’t much of a stretch to think Davis was bangin’ Stanley Ann during the photo shoots…she was already naked.

  5. myfoxmystere says:

    When the gravy train is about to get derailed, the crooks and liars in both parties unite to stop it dead in its tracks. However, they forgot they overloaded it, and the brakes are overheated and failing. And like the bad bet WWF owner Vince McMahon once placed against Donald Trump, the crooks and liars are losing just like McMahon did, and are about to get a political butch job. And just like the time WWF owner McMahon had his KMA act going, the money trail is going to end with a big KMA public stinkface with Trump playing The Rock and We the People playing Rikishi Phatu.