Hack the Vote

Princeton professor demonstrates how to hack a voting machine.

Paper ballots!  Mind you this is an example of only one type of machine which requires replacing a chip.  There are much easier hacks using downloadable flashdrives/readers that take seconds.

YouTube is full of such demonstrations yet election officials insist there is no problem.  Trust the government.  They never lie.

Seriously, electronic voting machines without a paper trail is crazy.  It’s downright irresponsible and shortsighted.  We keep having these conversations every four years and nothing changes.  That’s why I request a paper ballot every time I vote and polling officials are obliged to provide paper ballots if a request is made.

~ Hardnox

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2 Responses to Hack the Vote

  1. Deacon John says:

    This is only one of many tricks are they up to.
    The obamashit , I firmly believe , is a party to whats happening.
    His proteges will increase the public bombings , probably up to a week before the election.
    There will probably be more disruptions until they reach a fever pitch and the country will be “out of control”.
    It is within obamashit’s power to install MARTIAL LAW .
    That will be his final nail in our coffin.
    Think about all of actions. He has been a puppet for George Soros for years.
    I am not overreacting. I pray that I’m wrong

    • Hardnox says:

      I hope you are wrong too. More attacks will only harden the squishy resolve that many have regarding unvetted muslims.

      I agree, Batears would like nothing better than to postpone the election. They are scared of a Trump win.