Sunday Feel Good Stories

In honor of 9-1-1 I didn’t post these stories last week, so here goes…

In Anderson County, South Carolina, three men broke into a home. They left, but 17-year-old Demacio Robertson returned to get more stuff. By that time the homeowner was fully awake and shot Robertson who stumbled out into the yard and collapsed where the police found him. He was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

A homeowner in Gwinnett County, Georgia heard someone breaking into her home. She grabbed her handgun and met them at the door. She opened fire on them, striking one in the abdomen – center mass. He was DRT (dead right there) when the police arrived. The other two escaped, firing at the homeowner as they fled, but ineffectually.

Another burglar in Louisville, Kentucky was DRT (dead right there) when he was stopped by another armed homeowner.

A pastor, his wife and son were accosted outside their church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The thief struck the pastor in his head with a rifle. The pastor’s wife pulled out her licensed hand gun and fired one round striking the criminal in his leg. He limped off into the sunset only to be found by police at the hospital.

In Jackson, Mississippi an armed homeowner confronted a burglar who was trying to get through a sliding glass door. The homeowner grabbed his shotgun and made the thief DRT (dead right there) from a single center mass blast. It doesn’t appear that the criminal was armed, but the police support the homeowner.

An elderly Vietnam veteran homeowner in Mission, Texas heard a noise inside his home and when he went to investigate, he found a 21-year-old intruder, so he shot him in the leg. The intruder limped his ass home where his mother saw the gunshot wound and took him to the hospital where he was arrested by the police.

In Wyoming County, West Virginia, Julio Alonso, 56, had a couple worried from his antics – beating on their car in the driveway and he ripped the dash board out of it. Then he headed for the house and tried to force his way in. The residents had been calling the police who hadn’t showed up yet. They locked their doors, but Alonso tried to climb in the window – the resident gave him one round center mass. Alonso was flown to the hospital and his condition is unknown.

In Sunrise, Florida where a Walmart employee was approached in the parking lot by an armed gunman who intended to rob the working man. Unfortunately for the crook, the Walmart employee was licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and he made the criminal DRT (dead right there).

In Richmond County, Georgia, 40-year-old Anthony James Lawson tried to kick down 69-year-old Joseph Patterson’s door. When that didn’t work, he removed an air conditioning unit from a window and tried entering the home that way. When he got inside, Patterson, the homeowner, shot his ass. Lawson was DRT (dead right there) when the police arrived.

Anthony James Lawson was caught breaking into a residence by a homeowner inAugusta, Georgia. The homeowner shot Lawson and he was DRT (dead right there).

In Courdney Deonte Sims, 25, was shot after he robbed a store in Franklinton, Ohio. He walked into the store, showed his gun to the clerk and left with his loot. He was then shot by an unidentified person in the alley behind the store and he was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital. Police are looking for the unidentified shooter. I’m sure he’ll give himself up anytime now.

35-year-old Christopher Noland in San Angelo, Texas, forced his way into an ex-girlfriend’s home and began assaulting the people he found there. He was stabbed a few times by the new boyfriend. Police took him to to the hospital, but he checked himself out and returned to the scene of the crime to be arrested again.

In Shawnee, Kansas where a single woman was putting her child in a car when two men came up behind her and conked her on the head. A good Samaritan tried to help her, but he was shot by the men. Another man saw the incident unfold and brought his own gun to bear on the situation. One of the criminals was DRT (dead right there), the other was caught later by the police. The woman was critically injured as well as the first good Samaritan, but the child is fine.

A homeowner in Houston, Texas, heard a thief break his window and confronted the man as he tried to climb through the broken portal. The homeowner fired off two shots which sent the thief to the hospital. Neighbors claim that the thief is the same guy who stole their stuff, too.

A masked and armed Jalen Thompson Johnson, 16, in Durham, North Carolina forced his way into an apartment and shot the resident in his leg. The resident returned fire and the teen was DRT (dead right there).

Some more updates on the Shawnee, Kansas Walmart shooting that we talked about on Monday – the injured Good Samaritan who first tried to rescue the woman from thieves before he was shot several times, turns out to be an Air Force Iraq War veteran and he’s still recovering in the hospital. One of the thieves was shot DRT, but his accomplice, Arthur Fred Wyatt III, was arrested by police yesterday.

Linda Holbrook, in Huntington, West Virginia, caught a thief stealing from her when she came home. When she told him to leave, he laughed at her. She went in her house and got her .410 shotgun and peppered his ass with birdshot. Police are still looking for him. Odds are that he isn’t laughing now.

In Bradley County, Tennessee police were involved in a high speed chase when their target, Jeremey Headley, crashed his SUV and lit out on foot. The police told a nearby landfill worker, Mark Treuchet, about the criminal, so he armed himself while he was working alone. Eventually, Treuchet encountered Headley. According to Treuchet’s lawyer, “circumstances arose” which caused Treuchet to fire two warning shots at Jeremey Headley, and then one more shot which made the Headley DRT (dead right there).

In Granite City, Illinois, a man was sitting in his car after dropping off a co-worker when an armed criminal tried to rob him. The victim was a concealed weapon permit holder and busted caps on the crook. Police say that he saved his own life when he did so. The criminal is recovering in the hospital.

A 70-year-old man in Albuquerque, New Mexico was struck with a hockey stick by an intruder into his home. The victim got a hold of his .38 caliber handgun and shot the criminal DRT (dead right there).

In Carpentersville, Illinois, some thieves robbed a computer store. As they were leaving, a store employee shot at them – one of the thieves was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

Daniel Bingaman, 28-years-old, needed 25 staples in his empty skull when a homeowner in Cambria County, Pennsylvania asked him leave after he broke into the home. The homeowner punctuated his requests with several swings at Bingaman’s cranium with a golf club.

In Bartlett, Tennessee, 39-year-old Jeremy Scott threw a log through a homeowner’s window. The homeowner, startled by the sound, confronted young Scott while he was climbing through the window. Unfortunately for him, the homeowner was an off-duty cop who fetched her gun and fired at Scott. He changed his mind about committing his crime and ran off where officers found him laying in a driveway screaming how God is coming back and folks should know.

In Palm Bay, Florida, you have to read between the lines of the article; a man who was not a resident of the home was found DRT (dead right there) by police. The resident was there, too, when the police arrived. The police are not looking for a suspect, and “it’s unclear the relationship between the deceased and the homeowner.”

35-year-old Barry Dail Shinault attempted a home invasion in Forsythe County, North Carolina. When police arrived on the scene, he was in a pool of blood on the porch, the homeowner was armed when Shinault broke in the home and made him DRT (dead right there).

50-year-old Stone Williams, a former Mayor of New Braunfels, Texas, forced his way into the home of an ex-girlfriend twice. On his second entry, the homeowner was able to get a firearm and discharge it into a wall which scared off His Former Honor.

A thief attempted to rob a Boost Mobile store in Franklin County, Ohio, but unfortunately for the thief, the clerk was licensed to carry a concealed weapon. The clerk fired and the thief was DRT (dead right there).

An intoxicated Delbert Coffelt forced his way into a home in Hugo, Oklahoma and he refused to leave when the woman who lived there ordered him to do so. So, she shot him in the head with a shot gun. Coffelt, who has a long criminal history, was taken to the hospital to have his injuries treated.

A homeowner in San Antonio, Texas heard someone screwing around in his storage shed so he went to investigate and he found three guys stealing his stuff. When the thieves confronted him, the homeowner feared for his safety and went to his safe space behind some gunfire. The three fled the scene but turned up at the hospital where one of them is in critical condition.

In Lamar County, Texas, two intruders entered a home and they were confronted by the homeowner who took their handgun away from them and shot one who was found in the roadway by police when they arrived – DOT (dead over there). His partner was found nearby.

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  1. Deacon John says:

    Too bad obamashit, the NEGOTIATER wasn’t there to wave a white flag and settle the scene as in Iran.

  2. MadJack says:

    Definitely some good news. It appears that more and more homeowners and innocent bystanders across America are arming themselves and are not afraid to use their firearms.

  3. MadJack says:

    One more thing. Help the American economy. Buy more guns and ammo.

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  5. captbogus2 says:

    Anthony James Lawson was killed twice in two different towns? Is he one of those living dead or something?