Exposing The Communist Goals For Taking Over Our Country

Communism/socialism is a blight on this country and every country where it takes root.  The liberalist view while proclaiming it is for the lowly workers in fact removes the individual’s incentive to attain a better lifestyle, produce beyond the party’s assigned level on the regulations hierarchy.  What quickly follows is the disintegration of values, economy, the rights of an individual to plan for themselves,  and the quality of lives of those in the general populace. Places like Columbia, Venezuela, and other countries are the most recent examples. It has taken a foothold here thanks to a lot of preplanning and follow through in the infiltration of government from bottom to top levels. If we do not root out and destroy this cancer, then we will also go the way of many through the ages. Groups need to take a stand against this darkness.

Knowing their strategy is a start in recognizing their danger to our republic and constitution. Our citizens are daily being bombarded with more idiocy from those who are seeking to remove our rights to all things.  It is why so many people are getting fed up with the road our current buffoons in office have been dragging us down.  Figuring out how to control or remove it is going to be far more difficult but a concerted stand by citizens may make a difference.  Like them, I also believe this election is a fight to control the entire country. Every citizen needs to vote carefully from the local to the presidential levels of government.

Found on the CPUSA website HERE are their strategies not only to combat Trump but take control of most businesses and the government.  Some can fool the casual reader,  others not so much. What is behind those words is far more important and dangerous to the US. 

1- Expose Donald Trump – Donald Trump’s campaign, filled with hatred and race baiting of immigrants, Muslims and women, and his incitement to violence has the hallmark of a potential fascist movement.
2- Support the upsurge for workers rights and racial justice – The Fight for $15 and a union along with Black Lives Matter, the Dreamers, Rev. Barber’s Forward Together Moral Movement, Bernie Sanders’ political revolution are raising consciousness about how systemic racism and low wage jobs are good for big corporations but not for the people or our country. The AFL-CIO and Working America are going door to door in swing states with this message.
3- Uphold the right to vote and overcome voter suppression – Republican Supreme Court Justices gutted the Voting Rights Act, allowing states to enact laws that have severely limited the right to vote especially affecting African American voters in the South, Latino, Native American, Asian Pacific Island communities, youth and seniors. Court victories in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Texas just overturned the worst of these laws in those states The next president will appoint as many as four justices to the Supreme Court. If Donald Trump becomes president he will appoint judges that reflect his views and could further weaken the Voting Rights Act.
4- Support progressive candidates and ballot measures to take back Congress and state houses… – A landslide vote for president can help win the Senate and House of Representatives. Under Republican control the Congress has obstructed much of what President Obama wanted to accomplish. A landslide vote for president can also help elect progressives to state houses.
5- Think long term – There is growing support, especially among youth, that our nation change priorities from Wall St. to Main St. and go on to the offensive for jobs, housing, education, health care, gender equality, an end to racial profiling, police accountability, and reallocation of resources to environmental sustainability instead of war..That victory will be largely set back if Donald Trump becomes president. The victory will lose steam if it is a close election. But if everybody sticks together and Trump is crushed, the momentum will be strong to organize and possibly win $15 an hour, more funds for public education, infrastructure jobs creation and criminal justice reform.
6- Solidarity – A people’s agenda that challenges corporate control will not be able to move forward without strong, multi-racial, multi-cultural participation and unity. The most important campaign work is with unions and movements of people’s forces because discussing the issues with their members and getting their vote also serves to strengthen their own organizations. Labor, African American, Latino, Native American, Asian Pacific Island, women, youth, LGBTQ and retiree voters are the core forces for social change.
7- Get engaged and get others engaged – A landslide vote can’t happen without each and every one…
8- Stay engaged after election day – In 2008 after President Obama was elected, a commission was appointed to study Social Security. It came out with a bad report that included ideas for privatizing and cutting Social Security. Retirees began to organize.
9- Find local candidates for Our Revolution, Brand New Congress, Working Families, etc. – Our Revolution, the organization coming out of the Bernie Sanders campaign, is launching with house parties across the country on August 24. Brand New Congress, with the goal of 400 new progressive candidates for Congress in 2016, has already begun outreach for candidates from the grassroots.
10- Help expand the Communist Party USA – The Communist Party contributes a long term vision of a more just and equal socialist society.

CPUSA Constitution:
One point in particular found in their preamble:  In solidarity with working people around the world, we stand in opposition to U.S. imperialism – the system by which U.S. corporations use their economic power, along with the political and military power of our government, to exploit workers, pillage the environment and corrupt governments around the world just as they do here at home.

Anyone recognize this within all the media hype of Obama’s administration, actions, illegal activities, and current Hillary Clinton speeches and scandals?
The ultra-right is led by the most reactionary, militaristic, racist, anti-democratic sectors of the transnationals. They gain support for their ultra-right agenda from other political trends and social groups, most of which are misled as to their real interests, sometimes blinded by the propaganda of fear and scapegoating.  Every movement for change and progress is challenged by the power of the corporations. Workers face corporate power in every contract negotiation. African Americans, Mexican Americans and all other Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and women all face corporate power when they seek real equality on the job and in their communities. Youth face corporate power when they seek free quality education for all. Environmental organizations face corporate power when they try to stop pollution, stop the dumping of industrial waste, or stop the ravaging of the remaining wilderness areas for profit.

The corporations and their paid hacks in the media constantly proclaim that competition requires lower wages, fewer benefits, fewer holidays, gutted pension plans, continuing wage differentials and discrimination, and the free export of capital and jobs to other countries. We don’t think that is so. Free trade agreements, placing supra-national committees of capitalists above the laws of any country, require ending environmental protections, allow the free export of capital and jobs, and remove the ability of countries to restrict the rights and activities of corporate managers. Such agreements are only free in that they give a free bonus of super-profits to the already rich and powerful at the expense of democracy, sovereignty, and workers rights.

Their companion party is the Socialist Party USA.  It also will raise the hackles of patriots and constitutionalists.
“The Socialist Party stands for the abolition of every form of domination and exploitation, whether based on social class, gender, race/ethnicity, age, education, sexual orientation, or other characteristics…we call for social ownership and democratic control of productive resources, for a guarantee to all of the right to participate in societal production, and to a fair share of society’s product, in accordance with individual needs.

Both significantly backed Obama, Bernie Sanders and to an extent Hillary Clinton.  They also back trade unions, TPP, Moveon (formerly Acorn), BLM, Planned Parenthood and radical progressive group activities that bring chaos in order to further their goals.


Our republican democracy with all its faults and problems though nowhere near close to perfect does provide us with the opportunity to make our own decisions, individual ownership, and vote on issues that most affect our visions of our futures unlike communists and socialists who believe differently.   No other country that we have known about has survived for so long with a document like our constitution where people are able to survive and flourish not because one man or woman decreed it so, but because the laws of our country have lifted us up to rise or fall by our own freedom to decide our fate.  It’s when we become apathetic, hypnotized by trends, or greedy that we lose control of the power of this nation.  

When big government is allowed (as we have witnessed) to overpower our rights and those of our states then we either fight or fold.  Today unlike the old McCarthy years where “communist witch hunts” overrode common sense, we have solid proof of the “transformation” these subversive groups have been silently achieving.  Our young adults have been so programmed and the media so biased in its reporting that we are seeing the loss of our basic constitutional rights.

We are in fact engaged in a serious war which is eroding our forefathers vision of a more perfect union.  Fear and a gutless refusal to stand against their determined aggressive programs have been enabling the mastitizing of this controlling agenda.  Like deadly diseases which attack and breakdown the cells that protect and defend a body, the CPUSA and SPUSA have pushed and paid for agendas counter to our constitution since the 1950’s.  Today, we can make a difference for our future as a nation or we can allow this cancer to continue to grow and eat away at all of our rights as citizens.


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18 Responses to Exposing The Communist Goals For Taking Over Our Country

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  2. captbogus2 says:

    The ONLY difference between socialism and communism is the strategy for obtaining total control over the people.
    Socialism has a strategy of bit by bit legislation which is described as much like the frog in the pot of water over the fire.
    Communism has the route to power through violent revolution, overthrow of established government and instituting total state control.
    The final objective is the same.

    • Uriel says:

      The weird thing is the word COMMUNISM is the ultimate ideology for socialists to achieve. The twist is simply in the methodology to achieve it. But both are a danger to personal achievement and free will.

  3. Peppermint says:

    Uriel, great post and I have been recognizing what is going on in this country with the push for Communism. That’s why I always refer to Dems//Commies when I mention them.

    Every person in this country should be very afraid.

    • Uriel says:

      Thanks Pepper you and I have talked about it before. This is a reminder to others. The stricter more radical form of Islamic teaching is just as dangerous. It’s strange (or karma) how both have appeared as driving forces since 2000 as if the door was unlocked.

      • Peppermint says:

        Uriel, I am wondering how Islam and Communism are supposed to work together in this country. It seems strange to me that both are being forced on us now. Bull tried to explain to me how they work together. I’m just kind of dumbfounded by it.

        I feel danger by both things and that door better get locked soon. Obama is bringing in so many more Muslim refugees (as you know of courses) and it seems the Republicans are going along with this. From what I’m reading the House, led by that traitorous Ryan, is going to approve the funding.

        • Uriel says:

          I don’t believe they can Pepper. Ultimately the battle is between religion and politics. In the end it would be a messy ending. Fanaticism is a lonely place. The fight for king of the hill allows only one survivor.

  4. skip says:

    Read “None Dare Call it treason” written in 1964 by a young Republican.

    • Uriel says:

      Wow Skip. First thanks for visiting. Second. I had Completely forgotten this man’s work. You can be sure it was suppressed during my college days in the 60’s and later. It is Definitely a great add.

    • captbogus2 says:

      Read it in 1964. As true today as then. Author was John Stormer..

    • captbogus2 says:

      You might also want to read, “The Cowboy and Yankee War.” Can’t remember author but very interesting intake on political revolution.

  5. I.R. Wayright says:

    See also revcom.us

  6. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post. They are here and always have been. Now they are operating in the open thanks to this administration. We need another Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

    A full purge of subversives is need.