What Happens If A Nominee Drops Out Due To Health

If anyone is “Independant” at this point in this election cycle than they are too stupid to vote.  Go ahead, jump out a window, this country doesn’t need you.  Stop polluting the genepool.

You can bet the Lefties are looking for a way to oust Hildabeast.  Her donors are shitting razorblades at this point wondering why they bet on a walking corpse.  Bernie people are saying “I told you so” and his supporters are flipping out.

Meanwhile, the Cruzers are circling like buzzards with the hope that this election will go to Congress if Hillary drops out.

Newsflash:  Eddie Muster Cruz isn’t ever going to get a damned thing even if a meteor hits Washington and kills the other 534 members of Congress.

In other news: the UniParty has given Jebbie Bush smelling salts with the hope that someone, anyone, will clap for him.

We had all better hope and pray Queen Hillary stays in until November 9 so Trump can crush her in a landslide.

~ Hardnox


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20 Responses to What Happens If A Nominee Drops Out Due To Health

  1. Uriel says:

    Last post I saw is possibly Biden. DNC talking heads said they may have contingency plan in next day

  2. GunnyG says:

    It is too late to get another name on many State’s ballots as pothead Gary “Aleppo?” Johnson found out. I don’t think that they can stop the election and Killary’s ego will not let her drop out.

    • I think Gunny’s right on both counts.

      • Uriel says:

        I don’t know about that. From what I read, it appears DNC has possible procedures though all up for interpretation. And they are meeting now to decide. They have until absentee ballot date to make changes which is around October 1 I think. However didn’t someone mention a state or two have already started ballots (or was that state and local only)? If so that would change the whole problem

      • Uriel says:

        We all know Hillary believes this is her due BUT if enough pressure and health determination is made she may not be given a choice.

    • Hardnox says:

      Gunny, from what I have read and heard the DNC can do whatever they want according to the party rules.

  3. Felinity says:

    From Duplicitous Douche to Bozo Bidet? The Dem Horror-Comedy Campaign continues…and I’m about to up my daily Zoloft.

    Glad we did away with our TV almost two years ago; I can avoid exposure to big-screen, Cue-Ball Biden sound bites. Lord have mercy…are we going from a barking dog to a braying jackass?

  4. GoHuggaTree says:

    Both parties’ rules permit changes to prez and veep candidates after the nominating conventions and before the general election. It is both legal at the federal level, and with three near-precedents: Tom Eagleton,James Sherman, and Horace Greeley. The party’s bosses will first attempt to determine who might fly with the electoral college, of course.

    • Uriel says:

      Yes. GHT. and from what I recently read they can make up their minds as they go along so long as there is a group voting. Surely they wouldn’t be crazy enough to play the Michelle card — oh snap this is DNC anything goes.

  5. BangZoom! says:

    I made the same comment on another thread here but I believe she is in it right up until Nov 9th. Doesn’t matter what the DNC wants the Clinton syndicate wields more power and influence. And neither she nor her “husband” will EVER agree to drop out. He wants back in the game as badly as she does. Unless she keels over and drops dead before election day she is staying in the campaign to the end.