Rep. Nunes: US faces largest threat level since 9/11

Rep. Nunes: US faces largest threat level since 9/11


The cache of intelligence from Bin Laden despite requirements for expedited release has been slow-rolled by the Obama administration.  It could have and should have been released long ago. The information found in those documents should have been already released to the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee at a minimum.  Any decisions on military and Iranian treaty could have been affected by having access to the complete cache.  Outcomes would possibly have made a large difference in the treatment and understanding the players and their objectives.

Obama has deliberately stopped those documents from surfacing.

Representative Nunes says that the committee is getting close to subpoena of the documents.  Really?  Why has it taken so long for this to be considered?  Patience is a virtue or so the saying goes. BUT, I would have thought action and demands far more important than inactivity or ignorance given the gravity of the situation.  The need to know in order to make reasoned and sound decisions should have been a priority.

Now with the disdain for laws, ignorance of government employees, and disappearing  information levels already seen from IRS, State Department, and FBI, Congress may have waited far too long to require those releases.  Like Hillary’s emails, tech equipment destruction, and other information that has come to light, we have seen just how far those under Obama are willing to go legally and illegally in order to keep their narrative.

Soros, the Clintons, and Obama have obstructed justice at every turn in order to advance their plans.

Had the congress been determined and refused to be put off by these ploys, so much of what has occurred since Obama took office would have or could have been stopped.  At the very least, the citizens would have felt less aggravated that they were not doing the job they were sent to congress to do.  Since that has not happened, we are beyond furious.  Our country and our citizens lives have been compromised by the unwillingness of those in positions of authority to render void all of Obama’s actions which were deemed overreach and efforts to use his office to gain control of our country.

The buck stops at congress for giving away their authority and rights.  The corruption of its members is obvious as nearly every day indictments or decisions made against citizens come to light. The subversion of our constitution, the corruption of our principles and moral values,  and the rabid change to big government are in their laps.

The buck stops with the states who have enabled those congressmen in bed with Obama and his backers.  States who should have control over those they sent to congress and a means to make those congressmen represent the state not the federal government.  States who kept putting their hands out for more and more money from big brother.  States who ignored constitution and laws until it became nearly too late.  (Loan sharks do require their pound of flesh in the long run.)

The buck stops with of media and communications who have sided with Obama and not done the job that our constitution specifically provided in order to inform and protect the rights of citizens.

The buck stops with citizens who have allowed elections  time after time to go unchallenged and poorly performing representatives to get away with all that has occurred  Citizens who for convenience or out of apathy have sent many of these same corrupt incumbents back to congress for twenty or more years.  Their choices of representatives who have enacted big government, enabled social and education corruption, and socialistically-based law revisions have been disastrous.

We are now reaping the harvest.  One thing alone will not topple our country but combined becomes as disastrous as a runaway train.  A nation of law and order, of rights of the people, of states rights has nearly been toppled all because citizens have stood patiently waiting for relief or ignored what was happening.  It seems they feel someone (anyone) else should be in charge of fixing all of the ills so long as their pockets were lined, their bellies fed, and their pleasures met.   All of us have been apathetic and pathetic.

Clear warning — we are awake and refuse to accept the status quo crap any more — politically correct, media controlled view, NWO country of Obama, Clintons, or Shadow Group of corrupt people like Soros.  We may have allowed the takeover to go nearly too far to ultimately save our world but we will give it our best shot.  We owe it to our future historians to at least be remembered for that.


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  1. michael p hershey says:

    I’ve been an unassigned Marine since Viet Nam. Sure would like to be recalled if it comes to that. Hershey