Trump Rally in Pensacola, Florida

Here’s the whole event:

trump rally pensacola 515,000 where inside the Convention Center and thousands more in the parking lot.

Hillary can’t fill a school bus with paid supporters yet she and Bill are insulting their former supporters and bashing Trump supporters.  Great strategy!  They are desperate.

Yeah, the media can keep telling us about those polls where she is leading.  We know it’s bullshit.

Meanwhile, the leftstream media is beating the shit out of Matt Lauer over his inability to make Hildabeast look good and Trump look bad at the NBC “Commander in Chief” forum that aired Wednesday night.


~ Hardnox



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2 Responses to Trump Rally in Pensacola, Florida

  1. GunnyG says:

    I love the smell of fear on my enemies. It smells like, I don’t know, victory.

  2. Terry says:

    Another great speech by Trump. He stayed on point and was more Presidential than ever. Even voters who aren’t totally pro-Trump are finally able to separate the man from the policies, and they are all Pro-America !
    I didn’t make it to the rally last night, but my buddy Charlie and his wife are in the 1st row to Trump’s left (in the red Trump/Pence T-shirt). I’ll be hearing all about it from them.