What Happens When The Lights Go Out – Forever?

What happens when the lights go out – forever?



Over twenty years ago, my hometown had a major ice storm – yes the South gets those occasionally. For many in the northern states, this isn’t a problem, obviously. But here in the south it is. Every part of the US has times they are prepared to handle and times when life simply sucks because some weather they are totally unprepared for occurs. So use your own imagination. Anyway, not a week before the great “ice storm event” my older friend and I (both over 50) talked about how the young people would handle the crisis especially if it continued over a couple of weeks without power. Sure enough, we got to see how the younger groups reacted.

Psychiatrists, doctors, and researchers can all weigh in on any manner of topics but when faced with reality are often at a loss themselves as to how to proceed. In other words, human nature and the more primal traits begin to emerge or “new” experiences arise that would not have happened on a normal day-to-day basis. Those pontifiers are generally at a loss during those times. In fact, emergencies bring out the best and worst in people and not the educated psycobabble of the day.

During those two or more weeks, many in the area were without power for most of those days not just a day or two. So nothing electrical worked without battery or generator. It was very interesting to see how five groups of generations coped with the obstacles of no tech toys or communications between besties or blathering on social media.

Those 50 or older remembered quite well how they were raised often without electricity or at least more than two light switches and two outlets.  They grumbled and froze just like everyone else but were quite aware that there were other ways to exist that did not include electronics or wi-fi. It did not take them long to adjust. Those in their 40’s though not as familiar were aware enough to follow the lead of the older generations and began to adjust with a lot of ho-humming and grumbling. Those in their 30’s were not so easily prepared to think for themselves and tended to need direction from the older groups. Those in their teens and 20’s took the brunt of the disbelief, rendering loud, long, and verbally abusive language on everyone around them about how mistreated and F*d their lives were during those weeks–you get the picture I am sure. The younger children like the others whined a lot at first but seemed to adjust rather quickly after they were able to see it as an “adventure”.  That is if they were around the older people who could guide them to a different way of thinking not the teen’s to 30’s.

So what is the point of that little story? Actually there is a LOT to be learned.

Every person who grew up in an older, quieter, less frenetic time knew that life carried on and that not everything revolved around innovation, technology, or hyperdrive activities. They were raised and had enough experience to realize that what happens today, will either get better or worse, then eventually level out and return to a normalcy. None of them needed a pontifier to explain to them the vagaries of life, they had already lived through many ups and downs. In fact except for the older body’s susceptibility to lack of heat or shortage of quick meals, many had few problems and actually appreciated the less convenience-oriented world of their youth when life was slower and peaceful quiet reigned. It gave them time to reflect on bygone days and relatives or friends no longer around. Experiences, music, and amusing episodes played in their mind’s own movie theatre or aloud while they waited fairly patiently with friends. Perhaps regret tinged their thoughts but most had made an effort to view their past, resolve their inner issues, and had moved on being fully aware that time was short. They were quite aware that change would come around again and time would surge into overdrive once more.

For the 40’s group, restless energy from empty nests tended to bring out old pictures of the family and often produced regret for roads not taken or decisions made. The comfort zone of remembrance was still too new for them to be entirely comfortable within their own reflections. Introspection and review might actually have been a good thing. In some cases, perhaps they even changed the course of the rest of their lives. They knew that time would continue to plod forward until they could continue their daily routines perhaps a bit more depressed or determined, but aware.

The poor guys in their 30’s however were still quite harried if they had children. The world fell to them to pick up the pieces, entertain their offspring, provide the food and heat, and generally keep the family unit running while worrying about the finances. They did not get as much time for enjoying the everyday quiet or reflection but for brief moments were able to sense the future in the quiet times after the kids had collapsed from exhaustion in heaps under bundles of blankets. It fell to them to craft work, art, or energy burning activities to keep the kids entertained. It was their responsibility to reassure younger members that life would eventually return to normal and tell or read stories as the little ones nodded off. They were given the gift and the burden of building the memories that later in life would become part of their own and their children’s memories.

The young ones under teen years were fairly easy to deal with – keep them focused on fun, assure them tomorrow would come and things would be okay, keep food around and pay them attention. It did not take a lot to keep them happy so long as they knew someone was there who cared about them and would keep them safe while entertained. They were good to go.

Ah now, here in lies the crux of the problem and the one group that both my friend and I knew would be the “darlings” of the emergency. The pesky teens and 20’s group – generally filled with boundless, restless energy, for the most part self-absorbed, exploring awakening hormones with extremely volatile emotions, limited conversations mostly involved with trash talking, bored, and plugged-in techno-libber young adults. Some actually survived the experience with flying colors due mainly to strong parental influence, close-knit family or friends, and grounding in reality.

Others, however, plain freaked. Those that could not handle the lack of electricity and had little guidance definitely could be picked out in the crowds of people. They ran wild through the streets, created havoc wherever they could, got caught in dangerous or serious situations. They quite simply could not be directed or controlled. No excuses, they did not have community or parental guidance, wealthy or poor, to provide them with focus or constructive alternatives. They spoke as they pleased, did what they pleased, and dared anyone to change their actions. Why, because they wanted to and could get away with it. After all there were no ready-made tools functioning to be their baby-sitters or control their minds and actions. They believed they knew more, knew better, and damn well would do what the laws gave them the right to do – stand up to and run over adults.

Any of this beginning to sound familiar or make sense? This is reality in a nutshell for the world of today. It has been this way EVERY generation since time began.  No generations have been able to skip the growing pains and changes of their world. Every generation has to evolve.

We did it in the sixties and seventies. Unfortunately, we swung too far in the wrong direction because we were guided by dumbasses and liberals who were part of the socialist movement. We disavowed all that families, faith, and country stood for and are now paying a heavy price. We learned many things like the need to save the planet but forgot we also need to save ourselves. We learned to stand up for the helpless and needy across the world but did not remember that we must first remove the log from our own eye before we meddle in others affairs. We shouted the words “peace not war” but were not taught strength of self-protection and purpose helped prepare for peace. We learned science was the way to bring about all change but lost our own moral compass in the exchange. We expanded our horizons to include the entire world and forgot that our own backyard holds worth.

There are those who have never had to meet themselves face-to-face or answer for their actions. There are those that have bought the crap from the left hook, line, and sinker. Those age levels and actions hold relevance in today’s world. No amount of psychobabble or justification can explain or provide relevance in crisis situations like we are seeing today or will surely see in the near future.

How will each of the age ranges cope? We will only know when the lights go out….and unfortunately that folks will be sooner than later. Can we survive the growing spurts of today? Does a pendulum only swing in one direction? We can and will but at what cost to all generations?

If the socialists elite (UN and shadow groups) who are planning a New World Order across the world have their way, I have little doubt there will be only a few humans left across the world to start anew when the lights go out.

This election is about where we will be tomorrow and many years in the future – one nation under God or one world ruled by a few elitists. Those that believe different are like the teen to 20 year olds. You have little experience of life to build on and no fear of future. You believe that like electricity, there will always be your rights and privileges. You tend to ignore historical facts in order to achieve scientific breakthroughs and easy living.

Having lived my sixty plus years, I can say there is always a tomorrow. Electricity may be the key to current happiness but in the long run, life does evolve even if one sees only with tunnel vision. Make an informed choice.

You have the tools today to do that right now.  Don’t wait until the lights have gone out and struggle to survive.  Do not rely on propaganda…check out life in countries where socialism is strangling and killing the citizens. Our country is unique in its focus and the fact that for over 200 years we have held out against tyranny and totalitarian rule by having a constitution and enforcing the constitution through law and order. We started out with a moral compass where worth achieved, where hard work mattered, where labor produced wealth not for a foreign ruler but for those in our own land, and where Christian values and morals (not religion) were part of our everyday life.  Look at every country, compare.

The Democrat platform is nearly a perfect reflection of the socialist and communist goals and beliefs as well as the 2030 UN goals set by those who are influenced by socialism.  If you don’t believe me, find out for yourself.

Vote how you want but before you pull the lever, look in the eyes of your family and friends. Do you really believe they deserve to be censored or in fear that every word they say or action they take could bring reprisal or even death? Do you really believe it is okay to stifle imagination and personal growth or use food and health to control many people for the greater good of the masses based on the decisions made by a few? Are you really so far gone that you are incapable as adults of seeing what has been or will be across the world if it becomes not individuals and countries but one single beehive?

What happens when the lights go out for not just a week or two but forever?



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12 Responses to What Happens When The Lights Go Out – Forever?

  1. Great piece, Uriel. And excellent question. But, you’re telling us there was an ice storm in Baton Rouge? Riiiiiiiiggghhht. Was this the one that killed the dinosaurs? I thought you were only in your 40s??? 😉

  2. Hardnox says:

    When the lights go out the general population will go batshit crazy. Most will begin freaking out within a few hours especially when their electronic ball and chain devices die.

    A few years back after an ice storm, looting and smashing windows resulted after 4 days. The power outage was limited to only 16 square blocks, Seriously… the looters couldn’t walk or drive 4 friggin blocks? Naturally this was a suburb of DC but is emblematic of the nature of some people.

    Also a few years back we lost power for 18 days after a hurricane came inland. Once it reached us it was a tropical depression with 85 mph winds. That sucked. We all made it. No one got robbed. No one was mugged. We got through it fine but then again EVERYONE was armed lending credence to the adage that an “armed society is a polite society”.

    There are a lot of bad actors out there that could easily threaten our electrical grid. There are also a lot of elected morons in charge that have done much of nothing to harden our electrical grid least of which are the lefties that keep shutting down our power plants.

    In the nutshell, everything is connected via the internet and we virtually have our collective pants around our ankles.

    Get ready, we’re about to get a major butt reaming. No lube either.

    Good post.

  3. GoHuggaTree says:

    Great post! Up here in the north Georgia mojntains (where Slick Willy’s white southerners predominate), we handle power outages pretty well. Local folks reach into their stocks of bottled water, canned foods, and ammo, and make do. Since most of us are not tech-addicts, we don’t really miss Assbook or Twatter; we just shoot the breeze with each other over the bed of the nearest pickup truck. The halfbacks who’ve just retired here from Florida get a little disturbed, but since most of them are ex-military or retired uniform services folks, they get by pretty good, too.