Secretary Johnson on diversified threats facing the homeland

Sunday is the 15th anniversary of the barbarity known as 9-1-1 committed by jihadists.

The regime is fostering a narrative led by Jeh Johnson who is the Director of Homeland Security.

Johnson neglects to mention that the Obama regime has facilitated the terror threats on our homeland by releasing the worst of these terrorists that were in GITMO, his withdrawal of US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan which has led to jihadi recruitment, his idiotic actions in Libya, Syria and Yemen which helped create Isis, AND the refusal to protect our Southern Border which has undoubtedly aided the infiltration of jihadis bent to do us wrong.

Meanwhile, the jackwagons have refused to call terrorists by their proper name: ISLAMIC TERRORISTS

Obama and John Lurch Kerry tell us that Global Warming/Climate Change is our greatest threat.


Further, the regime has imported 10,000 Syrian refugees that have never been properly vetted.

These cheesedicks had best stop congratulating themselves.  Another 9-1-1 is on the horizon thanks to this idiotic administration.

I remain disgusted.

~ Hardnox

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4 Responses to Secretary Johnson on diversified threats facing the homeland

  1. Uriel says:

    What you said in spades!

  2. GoHuggaTree says:

    Ol’ Jeh (that’s J-E-H, rhymes with FEH) is prolly right now preparing congratulatory tweets for the $20MM pussy footballers who sit thru the National Anthem at the NFL openers on 9/11 to demonstrate their comprehensive and thorough understanding of American History.

  3. Terry says:

    Guess what Jeh, you’re mind is STILL not believing what your eyes are seeing. Maybe if you shut the gate on these barbarians flooding in, you would have a few less terrorist (yeah I said ‘terrorist’ ) threats to deal with.

  4. Terry says:

    I have to admit i’m a bit apprehensive about tomorrow. The kick-off of the NFL season being on 9/11 is worrisome. There are going to be huge masses of people at a lot of prime targets.