Ingraham: Clinton has given up on defending her record

On Hannity last night….

clinton-kc-6Obama 1.0 was a mistake.

Obama 2.0 was a mistake.

Hillary 3.0 will be a mistake.  If that hag gets elected strike three we’re out.  Game over.

70-75% of Republicans support Trump?  WTF!  BrianR nailed it with the “Perpetually Stupid Party” which he coined years ago.

On the plus side, Trump’s poll numbers are surging all over the country where even the media can’t ignore it.

Conversely, Hildahag’s support is tanking especially in black communities.

~ Hardnox


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7 Responses to Ingraham: Clinton has given up on defending her record

  1. BrianR says:

    Thanks for the Honorable Mention, Nox!

    The Beest needs to go down in flames. She is EVIL.

    • Hardnox says:

      My pleasure Brian.

      That she is. Words simply cannot describe how evil that witch really is. How she ends up being the standard bearer and nominee for the Left speaks to what we are up against.

  2. bluesjunky says:

    I got into it with a guy on another site a few weeks ago, because he was advocating that “vote your conscience” bullshit that Cruz stunk up the convention with. His plan was to vote the down ticket, but sit out the presidential election. To, “Send the establishment a message that we’re not gonna accept such lousy candidates.”

    And THEN what, Einstein? I need someone to explain to me how it makes ANY sense to give the Progressives/Globalists an 8 year head start on completing the “fundamental transformation of America.” The Supreme Court will likely be 7-2, 8-1 liberal after that stretch, and God help us if they get to decide the constitutionality of the Second Amendment during that time. Or any OTHER fundamental of America.
    And there will be a massive increase in leftie federal judges, that basically are ruining our lives NOW.

    And not to mention the fact that the Clinton Crime Syndicate will be using the Federal Treasury as a personal ATM card. These two grifters have made a fortune on selling influence up to this point on Bubba’s smooth talk, and the fat ass’s position at State. They won’t just steal the furniture in the White House this time, they’ll steal the money off the printing presses.

    I have plenty of reservations about Donald Trump. I personally have never liked the guy much at all. But compared to Killary, he’s a freaking SAINT. I’d vote for his DOG before I did anything to grease the skids for her. How the hell does this shit not sink into some people? I honestly don’t get it.

    • Hardnox says:

      Good to have you visit again. Great comment and you echo my sentiments. When Trump first announced I thought “oh shit, not another American Idol douche”.

      In truth I have warmed to him. I like that he speaks plain, seems to be honest, and is willing to deal with the things that affect most Americans. Most importantly, AMERICA FIRST.

      No other politician since Reagan spoke about that. I’m not comparing Trump to the great Ronald Magnus but he does speak our language and political correctness be damned.

      Lastly, you can always tell what kind of person really is by looking at their kids. Trump’s kids are first rate from what I have learned.

      To your point: I don’t get the NeverTrump douches either. The notion that we can survive 4 or 8 years of Hillary (and a further entrenched left) is pure fantasy.

      If we lose this one, game over. Time to start stuffing sandbags. I’m dead serious.

      • bluesjunky says:

        Yup…that’s what I told the clown I was arguing with, too…”Killary’s the end of the line.” And I don’t even consider the possibility of her only serving 4 years. If she squeezes her fat ass through the White House doors again, she may NEVER come back out. Her machine will be working on her re-election on Day 1 of the first term, and she’ll steamroll any challenges.

        And that’s the way I view Trump now, too. I honestly believe that he wants what’s best for America. And it’s refreshing to hear a politician actually say what’s on their mind, without having it run past a focus group first.

  3. Devon Whisper says:

    Here’s a song (“Liar Liar – Pants On Fire”) that summarizes Hillary’s life in public service: