Uh Oh, Mama Hillary Gets Honest With Media, CNN Panics And Cuts Away

Oh my, perhaps this is why Hillary never responds to off-the-cuff reporters questions! She leaks the truth like a sieve.

Questions have been raised multiple times and ways about the connection between the Clintons and their foundation should Hillary become president. Bill and Hillary have both noted they would withdraw BUT nothing was ever asked specifically about Chelsea and their link to the foundation through her. There is no way a Clinton – ANY Clinton or their aides or assistants – should hold a position in or be involved in the Clinton Foundation should by chance Hillary become president. Yet here Hillary is making a statement that could be a game changer if elected.

It is highly telling that CNN ,their puppet media, would panic and cut away from that question.

One can’t help but wonder what golden statements and facts might come tumbling out in a real reporter meeting with reporters who had hard questions and agendas to get real, honest answers. Suddenly all those tidbits of rabid media snarks on Trump would hold little weight if Hillary did have to answer unscripted questions as he does.

I don’t think her so-called strategy to let Trump bury himself IS the strategy of the campaign. I think the strategy is keep Hillary away from unscripted or quick questions to keep her from saying things that will destroy her.


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