The Truth That Democrats Hoped No One Would Research

Let’s look more closely at how Democrats have traditionally run cities in the United States by putting one as yet unnamed city under the microscope. However, you should easily figure it out since this isn’t a brain teaser.


It’s history is long and involved.   Since 1837 except for a few mayors, the city has been run and controlled by a Democrat machine. But for brevity let’s only look at the last 111 years or since 1905.

– There has only been 15 full term mayors to date since 1905.
– There has only been one woman mayor.
– Women’s Suffrage hit in the early days from 1907-1915 but were pretty much ignored or condemned.
– There has only been two Black mayors serving full term and one serving for 29 days.
– There has only been two Republican mayors in 111 years, none having served since 1931, and one having served two non-consecutive terms.
– Very few councilmen or aldermen have been Republican and Republicans have been generally discouraged from participating.
– The city was center mass along with New York during Prohibition days and known for some of the most violent crime and criminal activities across the nation. Organized crime found a foothold during the early 1900’s.
– The rise of power and the Democratic political machine occurred from earlier days but solidified during the days of the only Czechoslovakian mayor around 1931.
– It is multicultural, diverse, and filled with art and music centers yet also has even greater gang-related activity than even Los Angeles.
– During the New Deal Era and the Great Society Era huge amounts of money poured into its coffers to promote urban renewal as well as poor and lower class projects to help lift them out of poverty and prepare them for a better future.
– Socialist Party and the Labor Unions began there in the 1890’s.
– The US Communist Party was born 1919 in the city and moved to New York in 1927.
– It is host to a strong, active Socialist Party and conventions have been held there.
– It is home to over 30 labor unions according to a current yellow page list.
– One man in 2010 claimed he counted 91 designated mosques in the city. Certainly, Yelp provides a list of top ten and many others were listed in every part of the city.
– United Nations and UNICEF have offices in the city.

Now here are some eye-opening information:

Gang and Neighborhood Crime

Epoch Times – Peter Svab – “Top Contributor to Murder Spike in America’s Big Cities” – 9/05/2016

The violent crime numbers for 61 large police departments in the first half of 2016 were recently released by the Major Cities Chiefs Association.  And the numbers look grim.  Robberies are up, as are aggravated assaults, shootings, and homicides. Only rapes are slightly down. The homicide stats stood out, with a 15 percent increase compared to the first half of 2015.   But when one looks closer, the hike mostly stems from a handful of cities, with Chicago leading the trend.

A big uptick in murders in the Illinois metropolis represented almost 30 percent of the overall homicide surge. The city saw 316 homicides in the first half of 2016, versus 211 for the same period last year. Chicago had almost double the number of homicides as New York City—a city with a population more than three times the size of Chicago’s.

Government Crime

This city has seen many, many members of council, city employees, city contractors, police and other first response organizations, unions, education system, aldermen, mayors and their staff embroiled  in major investigations for graft, corruption, and several other crimes during ALL OF THE FIFTEEN mayors terms of offices.

Everything including fraud, fixing city contracts, bribery, extortion, profiting from position of authority, ethnic turf battles, class wars, worker exploitation, graft, racketeering, kickbacks, drug trafficking, and more have been found during investigations.

The FBI has a highly active office in the city.
– In 1987, they concluded Operation Incubator which involved 5 city council members and one mayor’s aid. In the next year Operation Gambit hauled in a judge, senator, alderman and county court workers.
– They launched Operation Greylord and netted 92 federal indictments involving 17 judges, 48 lawyers, 8 policemen, 10 deputy sheriffs, 8 court officials, and one state legislator.
– In 1990, they did Operation Silver Shovel which added 6 more aldermen and 12 other officials to the count.
– From 1972-2012, it was said they had convicted 33 aldermen.

Economy and Employment

In the 1930’s average to upper middle class were extremely worried. They were losing jobs and with the crime rate increasing took they families to live in suburbs or far away from the epicenter. When any volunteered information, they talked about how corrupt city government was, how there was blatant ethnic politics, the wealthy were squeezing them out of their vote and voice, and finally how the rise in gang activity and exploitation of racial and class tensions were too much for them to accept. Luckily they were able to afford to move. For others dependency upon those in power and their social freebies while jobs were drying up left them unable to leave.

Occasionally mayors and their staff would score incoming new business or convince some who planned to leave to stay but the net effect was the continued hemorrhage of industry and local businesses. The mayors would push for better education and job skills but nothing appeared to change.

Over time its employment base simply could not sustain the massive losses and around 2010 despite efforts to keep quiet, the country realized just how deep in trouble it had become. All those social change dollars had mysteriously dried up without ever having helped many who were its intended purpose. Shifting funds around and raising taxes could no longer cover up the truth. City pension plans were in desperate need of shoring up thanks to mismanagement.

The city though it bid for holding the Olympics there simply could not pull off the deal. In fact financially it couldn’t have afforded the burden anyway. Over 300,000 plus jobs up to 2010 had been lost and the city even today is on the brink of financial disaster. It lost an estimated 6,263 residents in 2015 — the greatest loss of any metropolitan area in the country.

Even now upwardly mobile professionals with good jobs are leaving because of the lack of work, crime, high taxes, and educational system. These middle-income wage earners are the backbone of a healthy city and a harbinger of a city in distress. In 2016, its city bonds received a “junk” rating.

Current Mayor Since 2012

The latest mayor has raised property taxes way above the norm, tacked on utility fees and is continuing to propose more fees or taxes just to meet basic needs and cover outstanding commitments. To his credit though, the mayor has moved to boost rail and bus service to the south side where low income Blacks and others live. He has brought in over 30 new corporate headquarters and desperately needed jobs. But even with whatever measures he has done, blacks have still got around 10 percent higher unemployment.

In addition the last two years have hit the city hard with police department and DOJ woes as Blacks and the money from groups like Soros who have been funding BLM and others have created an extremely tense situation. It didn’t help at all that his two picks for key education positions and a few others have been indicted for fraud and misuse of funds as well as other charges.

He is also a darling of the Democrats and a poster child for why the Clintons and Obama should never have been placed in a position of power. He was a senior adviser and chief fundraiser for Richard Daley. In 1992, he became senior advisor in the Clinton White House. Then in 2008 he moved over to become Obama’s Chief of Staff. With the backing of the Democrat Party, he ran and became mayor of this city.

If anyone is still in doubt by now as to the city in this piece, let me be clear Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel as current mayor has weathered many problems. Not the least of which is his inability to make firm decisions based upon intelligent understanding of the city’s needs and input from those he took an oath to serve. He has barreled ahead, at times roughly and crudely, in many respects going step-by-step by the Democrat playbook on how to accomplish goals. Goals that obviously have excluded commonsense and sound economic expertise.

He ran on the hopes and needs of a community and won; but, at what cost to those who put him in office? Back in late 2015 articles were posted talking about removing him from office after all the problems brought on by the death of the black youth. He settled that by paying off the family involved out of city funds which are already at an all-time low. How has that helped? He placated with promises of revising the police which pissed off his law enforcement because they believed (some would definitely say rightly so) he had cast them aside and refused to support them. He pissed off those yelling for change by setting few meetings and those at inconvenient times for people to attend.

They see it as dodging responsibility.

Being a chief of staff for the Clintons or Obama is not a recommendation in these and times with so much economic and financial strife hitting every city and town. Being attached to those who support some of the worst trade deals for our US economy is definitely not a good sign in someone who is tasked with saving a city from complete ruin. Passing out packets of social welfare funds only goes so far or at least as far as the last dollar not grabbed by greedy hands of politicians. Making not one but several poor choices to fill positions based upon party affiliation versus expertise is guaranteed to bite one in the arse.

Given the history of this city, it is absolutely amazing that it has been able to survive so long and have a reasonably profitable base to operate. So can we blame one man, one darling of the Democrat party for the ills of this city. No – but we can blame the Democrat Machine for its stupidity, greed, and elitism which birthed and perpetuated this debacle.

While they forced every other region of the country to fall in line with desegregation, assimilation, and women’s rights, those closely held cities with such long history of Democrat rule have not themselves buckled under and in the long run created pseudo plantations where the elite held the reins and the poor were beholden for every scrap of food, health care, and roof over their heads, Their method was even more degrading in some ways for having stripped the feeling of freedom received from honest work and knowing it was built on achievement, providing for family, and success.


But do not take my word for this – listen carefully to this BBC expose. See what a hundred plus years of Democrat Machine has to show for its reign today – from the mouths of those who are having to live in the hellhole the Democrats have encouraged, supplied, robbed, and defrauded to achieve their own personal wealth. The article and video can be viewed HERE. Warning the video contains very strong language.



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2 Responses to The Truth That Democrats Hoped No One Would Research

  1. Hardnox says:

    “Poor people have been voting for democrats for 50 years and they are still poor” – Charles Barkley

    The record is crystal clear. It is the democrat legacy.

    Good post.

  2. Uriel says:

    Thanks Hardnox. It floored me when I pieced together that every single mayor had some sort of scandal, corruption and indictments on his watch.

    I hope everyone takes a moment to view that video. Seriously rocks that Dem boat. I did not include directly so those “censor genies” would not have a chance like my last one to delete the video.