Read the Hate Closely, And You’ll See Begrudging Respect for Phyllis Schlafly, Even Among Feminists


The awesome woman who dared to resist feminism back when it was really uncool to do so died Monday.  Predictably, even young leftists who had never heard of Phyllis Schlafly happily joined the chorus in celebrating and mocking her death.  I won’t quote any of those idiots, but Breitbart compiled a good number of Tweets and comments just from the journalistic and professional world if you’d like to see them here.

Hatred is the working medium of feminists of all kinds, and I’ve seen plenty of it while reviewing comments about Schlafly’s death.  There simply are no exceptions.  But if you look closely, in the midst of the ubiquitous hate, occasionally a few of the Third Wave Feministas slip up and take notice that Mrs. Schlafly was no dummy.


Amanda Marcotte, a feminist writer for, is no one you would expect to cast any praise on a conservative woman.  She spends her days writing the most vile hatred of men, in general, and attempting to convince people that Hillary Clinton is a saint whose only crime is having a vagina.  Grudging, offhanded and couched in man-hate as it is, this is as good as the praise gets from Amanda Marcotte.

Well done, Phyllis.  Go rest high on that mountain, and may your favorite candidate (Donald Trump) win easily in November.  Sleep well, witty lady.

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4 Responses to Read the Hate Closely, And You’ll See Begrudging Respect for Phyllis Schlafly, Even Among Feminists

  1. Adrienne says:

    I always admired her because she was such a lady – never shrill, and always impeccable in her dress and hair.

    • GruntOfMonteCristo says:

      Indeed. I always loved her sense of humor. Yet, when she’d joke about her husband quipping about the Constitution giving her the right to remain silent, people who use that to show how ‘extreme’ she was. The lady was joking, idiots!

  2. vonmesser says:

    Blessed Repose and Eternal Memory. She was opinionated, harsh, sharp, and usually correct.