Horrific Irony – ISIS Now Banning Burka In Secured Areas

Daily Mail
by Rory Tingle
September 5, 2016

Now the burka is banned… by ISIS! Terror group outlaws the Islamic garb
from their buildings because they are a SECURITY RISK



The website Iran Front Page were informed of the ban by a source in Nineveh, Iraq, on Friday.
The normal strict dress code implemented by ISIS forces all women to be covered from head to toe in black.
Women in the rest of Mosul except for the security centres, and in all other areas controlled by ISIS, will still have to abide by the strict dress code, it is understood.

Story can be read HERE.

According to the Iran Front Page – “Although the ISIS terrorist group had earlier made it obligatory for women to wear burqa [full face veiling], it has now banned its use for the women who are getting into security centres in the ISIS-held Iraqi city of Mosul. The decision, according to the source, came after some fully veiled women killed a number of ISIS commanders and members in the past months.

Earlier, media reports released photos of women in the liberated Syrian city of Manbij burning the sombre outfits, including what appears to be a burqa, which they had been forced to wear under ISIS control.”


So because they were fooled and a few killed, they suddenly realize that anyone can hide behind a full burka and do harm. Hmmmmmmmm

Bas*#@*ds, how many women have been slaughtered by you idiots for NOT having covered every feature?

There is NO excuse for full or partial face cover up anywhere in the world. National security should be of major concern not pretend emotional attachment to isolationism.

Here in the USA there should be no reasonable point in time except within one’s own home where a woman has her face covered. There are nice looking head covering arrangements that serve the purpose without erasing one from life. If you want to be isolated from the “horrors of living in the western culture – stay inside your house here or GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY.

Burkas hiding faces (full or partial) is an affront to the rights of all women as individuals and their rights within a community or society. It is also one means used to spark dissension and chaos. We thankfully have evolved beyond the realm of cattle unlike those in less tolerant, more strictly adhered to Islamic cultures. Having full tents covering bodies is also a risk where any manner of diseases, stolen items, explosives, or weapons could be hidden or even an actual terrorist with suicide vest.

Geez, it makes me sick at the utter lack of intelligence of a religion still stuck in the age of barbarism and the inhumanity and utter waste of women and children slaughtered for no reason.

May God judge harshly and they burn forever, all who act in such barbaric manner to others and those who condone it by word or deed.


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4 Responses to Horrific Irony – ISIS Now Banning Burka In Secured Areas

  1. vonMesser says:

    Wonder if the evil ones here in the USofA will understand this, of if they will keep demanding that we give in to their perversions on driver’s licenses, voter ID cards (where we have been able to get them approved) and elsewhere?

  2. Hardnox says:

    Oh the irony. British SAS forces dressed in Burkas and whacked a number of jihadis.