Intellectual Froglegs: “It Takes A Village Idiot”

Here’s the latest masterpiece from Joe Dan.

Like Hillary herself… in order to support Hillary,you must be a criminal or a dumbass. And if you’re not in her inner circle— that rules out criminal.

She doesn’t want to be president to save America, Hell, everything’s good in Clintonia.  This evil shrew wants to be president becauseit’s her #$%# turn, dammit. And if you think Hillary Clinton would be a better president than Donald Trump—-I can’t help you— Dr. Phil can’t even help your dumbass.

You should be slapped and sterilized.

To the sane people in the room—get involved.  Volunteer.  Take nothing for granted.  Keep your foot on the gas…..and let’s help Donald Trump win this thing.

This one is more than politics—-it’s personal.

Yes, it’s personal.

Further, the NeverTrumper notion that a Hillary win in 2016 makes room for a Cruz win in 2020 is absurd.  Cruz is reviled by the establishment but will at the same time be beholden to them for patronage.

November is our last grab at the ring.

~ Hardnox

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One Response to Intellectual Froglegs: “It Takes A Village Idiot”

  1. Uriel says:

    I do like his most interesting view of life. You aren’t wrong Hardnox but I am worried even Trump may not be able to overcome the shadow people like Soros at this point. All we can do is be involved and VOTE.. well at least for now.