NATO Is Falling Apart The USA Will Soon Stand Alone

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putin grand chess master

NATO is falling apart. Clinton’s election will guarantee the bankers their war of profit and depopulation. A Trump election can forestall America’s demise, but not prevent it. At the heart of America’s difficulty lies in the fact that NATO is going to collapse. And we cannot put it past NATO to provoke a war before the membership becomes insolvent.


NATO was established in 1949 to face a specific threat. The end of the Second World War had produced a vacuum in Central and Eastern Europe, much of which was filled by the Soviet Union when Stalin made his land grabs of Eastern Europe. The nations of NATO has always had a collective mission, until now. The nations of Europe are pursuing private economic interests and are pursuing their own path, which means NATO is becoming irrelevant.

When the British voted to leave the EU (BREXIT), sheer panic crept into the West. And the same thing is happening in Turkey at this very moment. Germany is not far behind

NATO can see their their entire organization falling apart before their very eyes. And they know that there is nothing they can do to hold this alliance together, short of starting a war with Russia and/or China. Lesser reasons have led to wars.

What mankind is witnessing is a universal rejection of the ruling elite and their self-serving policies. The populist Trump movement is actually leading an international movement. As Karl Marx would advocate, the subjugated people from every part of the world are rising up “against the man” and saying: “No more. We want change.” This is a collective attitude that the world witnessed just prior to WW I. In Europe, NATO is being viewed as archaic entity who has served its purpose. This does not bode well for the United States.

Putin Has Outmaneuvered NATO

Take a look at the following chart. This information makes it clear that Russia control much Europe’s purse strings when it comes to energy. These facts are a disincentive for European nations to continue to submit to American imperialist interests.

Two years ago, when I researching the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea, I discovered that Russia sold over one-third of the natural gas and oil consumed by European nations such as Germany and France. Two years ago, I predicted the fragmentation of Europe and predicted that the disintegration of NATO due to economic forces that could be forced by Russia and our NATO allies.

The War in Ukraine is wreaking havoc on the Russian energy business.

The War in Ukraine wreaked havoc on the Russian energy business. Look at the amount oil and gas supplied to Europe by Russia.

A Very Strange Development

In a very strange twist of fate, Turkey has determined that German MP’s can guard the nuclear air base in Turkey. Are you doing the same double take that I did?  Some are speculating that this is an example of the split among NATO members. Ultimately, I expect Russians to be occupying our base in Turkey. I believe we are seeing the beginning of the fragmentation among NATO members and Putin is smart enough to exploit these weaknesses. Germany and Turkey will be the first to leave NATO.

NATO’s Finances Are Becoming Cost Prohibitive

The United States spends more on security than any other of the NATO members, when its global leadership, interests, and alliances. The annual U.S. defense budget is $650 billion, which is 3.6% of its GDP. which comes to $5.54 per person per day.

NATO is telling its member nations that they must spend at least 2% of GDP on defense. The NATO membership is coming nowhere close to this ideal, thus saddling America with the omnipresent emergence of the “burden of empire” consequences. The US cannot sustain its current defense budget and Europe is digging it heels in with regard to their defense spending. Even Canada is not meeting the expectations of 2% GDP spending on defense. The Canadians, as a case in point, are only spending 1% of its GDP on defense. Europe, as a whole, only spends 1.4% of its annual GDP on defense. Consequently, NATO is in real trouble, from an economic perspective. There are already cracks in Germany’s and Turkey’s commitment to NATO. Serbia is being treated as a puppet government in order to force compliance with NATO dictates. Many other European nations are waffling at their commitment to NATO. And in the background, sits Putin, the master chess player, who is allowing the disintegration of NATO to continue.

The world should be concerned about NATO’s tenuous status. NATO has become its own political entity, whose main intent is self-preservation. As I indicated in an earlier part of the article, we must consider whether NATO will provoke a war with Russia simply so it could stay viable as an organizational entity.

NATO’s Options

Americans have options, provided we did not have treasonous leadership, which we do. If by some miracle, Trump is elected, I would expect that he and Putin will reach some basic understandings and war will be avoided, in the near-term. However, even Trump cannot hold NATO together. America’s trading partner status will shift when NATO fails and the effects could be devastating to our already fragile economy.

If Clinton is elected, there will be war, and America has been set up to fall in this war as I have written about so many times before.

Again, Trump can save America from war, but not from economic collapse and the continued disintegration of its basic set of alliances.



Personally…I think NATO needs to fall apart! The USA is pushing for NATO to help with her advancement into areas that don’t really need NATO Forces.

NATO advancement into the Eastern portion of Europe will antagonize Russia. Russia though is not the enemy! Only Clinton and the dimbulb Dems believe that and are pushing the propaganda against Russia which will ensure that if the Clot gets elected….America will be at war with Russia.

This war will be fought on American soil…with America being hit with missiles from Subs that can not be tracked. Not a single Russian boot on the ground, nor a single bullet fired!

~Blessed B~

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9 Responses to NATO Is Falling Apart The USA Will Soon Stand Alone

  1. Uriel says:

    A reasonable argument BlessedB. Add to that Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Germany are telling citizens to store reserve foods for at least a ten day siege and alarm bells should be sounding. It is NOT just the West at odds — all of the Far East is a powder keg.

    • Blessed B says:

      Alarm bells should be sounding but it seems everyone is deaf, dumb and blind.

      You’re correct…’s just not the West at odds….it’s becoming a global thing. Too many progressives, Liberals and NWO idiots in leadership roles. Putin is putting a wrench into the NWO agenda ( as is China also)….they both will not be pulled into that evil agenda and have stated so. Which now has made them enemy #1.

      • Uriel says:

        And unfortunately puts the onus bullseye directly on US since for 20-30 years factions here have been the power behind the globalist agenda. Only a big dog could have pushed hard enough to upset and destabilize the world. Obama was simply the final arbiter of the shadow Bildenburg/Rothschild changes. Groomed, directed, and puppetized weak kneed Obama on his own could NEVER have pulled off this global Fubar.

        • Blessed B says:

          Yep… wasn’t Obama’s scheme…he was just the one that is being directed by many and paid by the Saudi’s.

          Hillary is another puppet!

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  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    “This war will be fought on American soil…with America being hit with missiles from Subs that can not be tracked. Not a single Russian boot on the ground, nor a single bullet fired!”
    Mutual assured destruction. Russia will suffer the same fate.
    Actually, they can bring us to our knees with a cyber attack.
    If the electric grid goes down a whole lot of the earth might be uninhabitable after our nuclear power plants meltdown and add to the Fukushima leakage.

    • Blessed B says:


      No…Russia will not suffer the same fate. No Mutual Assured Destruction. The USA would not be able to even get any of her missiles close enough to hit Russia, Let alone Moscow, before Russia takes them down. The US doesn’t have the new generation stealth technology that Russia has…. Her jets are faster and can’t be tracked either with radar. You probably haven’t heard about any of this as Russia doesn’t advertise everything they have.

      Being as DC would be one of the first cities to be hit….there would be no one left to give codes for any missiles to even be launched. Communications would be down across America and possibly some areas of Canada as we are on the same grid.

      No other country is going to help take down Russia after they see the devastation she can create in the USA.

      Yes….the nuclear power plants in the USA are all controlled by computer….there are no longer any US power plant or water plant that uses manual controls. Russia though just recently shut down her water system and went back to the old fashioned way of doing things to ensure water safety for her citizens…no longer are all her water plants interconnected by computer.

  4. Hardnox says:

    There’s no question in continued war if Hillary gets elected. There’s too much money to be made. NATO is waaay past it’s charter and needs to stop. The problem is that NATO is pretty much the proxy of this admin under the guise of a multi-national force. That’s hogwash since the US military is 90% of NATO.

    War with Russia? That’s a bit far fetched in my opinion, though not impossible. Collapsing the US Dollar and thus the world’s reserve currency does not serve Russia or China’s interests either.

    A lot of things need to change, first and foremost stop poking Russia in the eye. They have interests just as we do. We wouldn’t tolerate them setting up camp in Mexico nor should they be happy with us fooling around in Syria.

    Much of the problems are at the behest of the Saudis and other behind the scenes players. Soros included.

  5. Uriel says:

    One note on this. Last year I read something that suggested the shadow powers might be anticipating the fall of the UN and already have everything in place for a stronger world government to take over when it does.It may have only been a conspiracist theory but I doubt such is not possible given the chessboard of moves already displayed.