Bill Whittle: Black Lives Matter Kills People

In this powerful and timely Firewall, Bill Whittle provides evidence that demolishes the central, Big Lie of Black Lives Matter and then goes on to explain why a lie that size needs to be told by people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch.

Let’s face it, the left has nothing else to sell except division and hate.

~ Hardnox

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One Response to Bill Whittle: Black Lives Matter Kills People

  1. Uriel says:

    Demo/communists are rotten to the core. Until Black militants are removed and honest, hardworking and intelligent Blacks stand against them, this will only get worse. I have watched the cycle over and over for many years.

    Dems get voted in, lazy people get paid to be lazy while hardworking citizens get poorer then every major cycle when Dems feel threatened in their election suddenly the race card is played and violence erupts.

    One would have thought the first Black President would have helped lift Black people up yet in truth he has been THE greatest divider of races from the first days in office. Not only that but he and his shills have created a street army of thugs AND are allowing even encouraging children to be taught this violence and hate as I wrote yesterday in their UnCommon charter schools.

    I would ask all Blacks WHO is benefiting–it sure hasn’t been, isn’t, and won’t be any but the druggies, thugs, and their bosses. Look carefully at the politicians (especially Black) whom you guys elected for your districts. Are they living in the same conditions, eating the same foods, attending the same schools a year after they take office? If not WHY NOT? After all the salary for political leaders is less than or at $100,000 (not much more for President). Think hard about that when at the polls. You may be paid a little for your vote BUT the one you are voting for gets many times more and becomes rich off your pulled lever while you are stuck.