Uncommon Schools – Obama’s Marxist Future Begins

Obama has allowed BLM, black power agenda to fundamentally transform American schools – we have proof

IF you can read this following article and not understand where Communists, BLM and the New Black Panthers are moving our nation on taxpayer funds and elite Liberal/Marxist donations, then YOU are part of the problem.

BizPac Review
Scott Morefield
August 29, 2016

If you think the Black Lives Matter movement is a passing fringe, the following video is going to scare the hell out of you. (emphasis mine)

According to one teacher from New York, who was compelled to expose the blatant liberal brainwashing being imposed on teachers and students alike, “Our schools are no longer part of the solution, but have become part of the problem. They are indoctrinating our children to hate and distrust not only police officers, but America itself.”

The teacher works for Uncommon Schools, a “network of public, charter schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts,” and has documented some experiences in a video for the world to see – experiences you would never know by reading its website.


It starts with the teacher orientation, which was as ‘Red’ as it gets. To kick it off, all teachers were given a T-shirt with the words “Love & Revolution” emblazoned on the front along with a student raising a fist in the manner of the Black Panther movement.

The first presentation included a quote by world-renowned lover, poet, musician and all around Mother Theresa type, Che Guevara, the man with the Marxist plan for Argentina, who said “The true Revolution is guided by a great feeling of love.”

It was all downhill from there.

New teachers were presented with a slide that read: “Definition of Revolution – a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. How do you see your work as this kind of revolution?”

One presenter talked about the 1967 Newark rioters, the ones who got 26 people killed, hundreds injured, and left a path of looting and destruction that affected thousands of lives for years, as being “part of the revolution” and the National Guardsmen who restored order as “oppressors.”

The teachers broke into small-group “decompression sessions” where the whites among them had to “own up” to their “white privilege.”

Finally, the conference ended with everyone standing in a giant circle with their fists in the air chanting “Love and Revolution” over and over again. (The video records the chant, and it’s definitely as creepy as it sounds.)

Which begs the question, a revolution against who?

The teacher found the answer when she attended a cross-regional conference in Brooklyn a month later. She recorded a discussion about the “police brutality … that continues to plague this nation … and we can NOT begin this new school year without acknowledging what has happened [thunderous applause].”

One 6th grade teacher who identified himself as “Scott” talked about hearing about the Dallas shootings and hoping against hope that it “wasn’t a black man,” and when he found out it was it “might serve as justification for everything that has happened in the past, things that are happening now, and then like have future justification for things that might happen later on…”

Our undercover teacher laments, “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here was a teacher justifying hate against police officers.”

One black teacher speaking at the conference said, “If you do not think your job is connected to social justice in the streets and you are silent, you are part of the problem.”

“If you are a person,” the teacher continued, “who when confronted with these issues start talking about black on black crime or comparing black lives matter with all lives matter, you are part of the problem … and frankly, you need to be fired.”

The conference showed speeches from

The conference showed speeches from the Democratic National Convention as if they were training sessions, and showed “blatant hostility towards Trump and mainstream America” including a seminar on the “rise and danger of neoconservatism.”

The video ends with the following pertinent questions:

How can this be going on in a public school?

Is the taxpayer really paying $17,000 per student per year to have them indoctrinated with anti police rhetoric?

How can a public school receiving federal funding so blatantly align themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement?

How can someone who is supposed to be non-political so openly promote the Democratic Party and at the same time demonize Donald Trump and mainstream America?

Watch the video and share it far and wide. The taxpaying public needs to know!
Read the article HERE.




“Uncommon Schools starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college.”


“An excellent education is the key to opportunity later in life. We believe all students deserve that.”


Take a Stand
We know that it’s possible to give every child an opportunity to go to college.
We are smart and strategic about the things we choose to do.

Right is Right
We hold ourselves and each other to uncommonly high standards.
We do what’s right for our students – even it it’s difficult to do.

All Hands
We encourage rigorous debate, voice our best ideas, and communicate respectfully.
We’re in this together and assume the best of others.

The J-Factor
We believe that learning should be fun and feel the same way about our work.
We celebrate our successes – big and small, and take the time to appreciate others.


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This makes me SICK.  Obama has done so many things over the last 8 years that he has deserved to be impeached for BUT this is a new low.  

F#*$@king with the minds of the children and doing it with charter school funds to turn them into race baiters, haters and murderers deserves a firing squad for EVERYONE involved.



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10 Responses to Uncommon Schools – Obama’s Marxist Future Begins

  1. vonmesser says:

    If “they” want a revolution, BRING IT ON!!!

    • I think “they” prefer a quiet, secret revolution. And shame on us for letting it happen that way. Good people would be fighting by now.

      • Uriel says:

        This makes me sick enough to want to act like them. We see and learn of schools in the Middle East with horror but THIS is beyond comprehension that we allow it to happen on our soil. What is next teach beheadings?

    • Uriel says:

      I know Von. But for the sake of getting Obama out of office unless Senate finds the balls to boot him Do we push?

      • vonmesser says:

        No push. Let them begin, and it will end with us in the right. If we push, then the leftist media and political liberals will twist the blame onto us, and repression will occur.

  2. Zilla says:

    Whenever I start to feel like my kids might be “missing out” by being homeschooled I am reminded of what exactly they are missing. Thank you, Uriel.

    • Uriel says:

      No kidding Zilla As a retired teacher my advice to all parents who can — home school. these people remind me of watching videos from Islamic training.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    The communists got a hold on the labor unions, including the teachers unions. It was one of the things on their bucket list from the 1950s. This is somewhat funded by Soros, supported by Obama and allowed due to us sheeple. When it finally does blow, be ready to help put it down or keep your head down. I’m with VM. Let’s not wait too long. I don’t want to miss my chance to “make America great again.”
    If it turns out the coming election in November was rigged, all bets are off.

  4. Uriel says:

    i agree i do believe to prevent Trump from winning Obama and the shadow NWO will try ANY thing to stop him. Obama flat out has said Trump won’t be president and he is Unfit to hold the office….sounded like threats to me.