Trump & The Evangelical Vote

I loved Trump’s opening.

Looks like the Evangelicals that stayed home in 2012 have woken up.

Hillary will most certainly crush the 1st Amendment and thus crush religious freedom.

~ Hardnox

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4 Responses to Trump & The Evangelical Vote

  1. With Trump promising to repeal the Johnson Amendment, maybe the the majority of church-goers might roll out to vote…maybe.

    I just hope he follows through with his ban on mozlems and the dismantling of hostile (EVERY) mosques otherwise they, too, will have a say. THAT would suck!

  2. Uriel says:

    Even today refugees are gathering in DC to show support for Hillary. These people are determined for the most part to keep anyone from removing their power as they attempt to take over our country and push more stringent Islam and Sharia throughout in all parts of our culture. How any Christian ministries of any faith or predominant color could possibly show acceptance of the more hardcore Islamic beliefs is beyond me. Especially as we have seen in Europe and the Middle East how the religion is not peaceful, advocates subjugation of women, willingly accepts and promotes slavery, and is determined to destroy the western civilizations for their so-called religion. Every religion on earth has had those within them that are more militant than others but no other religion on earth has ever required the degree of horrific deaths, lies, deceit, degradation of principles, lack of peaceful coexistence, and destruction as Islam. Their message is so totally foreign and evil embodied for the mainstream Islamic followers that it should be immediately rejected as satanic by Christians, Jews, and other religions of the world. There are peaceful Muslims but generally those are found within only a few groups. For the most part Muslims across the world follow closely the written words of the Koran and the accompanying texts – none of which allow for the rights of other religions to exist and more specifically call for all other than Islam to be eradicated.