The Clinton’s Made How Much In Eight Years While The Rest Of The Country Struggled To Make Ends Meet?

The Clintons earned per their tax records, $139 Million
over the last eight years.

Back in July 2015, Bloomberg Politics was quick to report and include income tax forms for Hillary Clinton along with a health statement at the time. The article went largely unacknowledged until now.

As we enter the last days before general election, we continue to have more leaked or recovered emails and information on Benghazi and their pay-for-play trusts and activities while the State Department, FBI, and DOJ continue to shelter Hillary.   We have Obama determined to push her into the oval office even as more Clinton scandals emerge.

A recap of Bill and Hillary’s income taxes becomes much more interesting now if one likes that sort of  informational  pursuit.

Simply scanning the Clinton tax returns, makes me wonder how either kept their business ventures, stock portfolio, scandals and income straight; but then, I guess that is why you have staff, personal assistants, legal advisors, and accountants so they can help filter the offshore accounts, shell companies, twists and turns of trust funds, partnerships, and foreign income payments straight.  All paid for in one way or another at  taxpayer expense.   This is a way of life few middle income wage earners and definitely not lower income like me will ever have to worry about.

Who knew top keynote speaker fees, consultant fees, and trusts could be so lucrative. Reduce transportation fees by hopping on board military transport or friends’ jets and hey you have no worries, simply pocket the change and write off for a cool million any transportation or other expenses for private charters when neither is available.  Or maybe, one could just have a foundation pay all expenses.

We should all be so blessed as to jet set around the world to meet and work out lucrative deals with foreign donors while speaking at meetings.  Speaking engagements where most often one has to make nice one with attendees, look slightly bored yet accommodating, and yet not appear eager to grab fistfuls of donations, pictures my plebian imagination.  Hey all’s right with the world of the rich and famous as they pad their personal accounts.

I think I might soon learn to accept attending all the boring parties and dealing with ultra-pampered billionaire engagements  while being housed in style and comfort, provided any manner of desired entertainment, wined and dined with the elite all while being listed under the title “speaking engagement”.  Nah, if I had to fall so low and enslave myself to the doctrine of “elitism”, I think I would throw up and check out the closest mental recovery facility for stress related work conditions.

According to The Ultimate Guide To Keynote Speaker Fees written by Evan Bailyn, August 19th, 2012, a really knowledgeable speaker typical fee for top professionals might be upwards of $10,000 – $20,000. A celebrity of course would have typically been $20,000 – $100,000. However top name billing for high profile political or business professionals could command $100,000 up for their fees. Bill Clinton certainly made sure he received top fees far beyond the norm for his august presence as has Hillary Clinton over the years.

According to Bloomberg, the Clinton’s reportedly earned $139 million in eight years and paid more than $43 million in taxes. After releasing those tax records, Bloomberg noted the Clinton’s had released a total of thirty-eight years of tax records since entering public office. (La-di-da I say. Simply points out to me they should have retired from public office at least 10 years ago.)

Both Clinton’s used Harry Walker Agency Inc to represent them. Harry Walker Agency only represents the creme’ de la creme’ of speakers.   The Walker Agency web page says they have represented the best speakers since 1946.  You know ones like John Boehner, Cokey Roberts, Dick Cheney, and many others.


Bloomberg did note, “Among the nuggets in the Clintons’ tax forms: The couple has his-and-hers LLCs, a corporate entity created by independent earners for tax advantages. Hillary Clinton’s post-State Department income from speeches and her book, Hard Choices, was paid to ZFS Holdings LLC, established in Delaware a week after she left the job. Her husband uses a similar entity, WJC LLC, to take in speech and consulting income. The existence of WJC became public earlier this year, and the Clinton campaign did not respond to questions about why the candidate’s LLC had not been previously disclosed.”

I really am not a savvy person when it comes to investments or else I would have also attained such a lofty income. However, I found it interesting that in 2007 in partnership with a trust, the Clinton’s recorded earnings of over $2.7 million from a group called Yucaipa Global Holdings which was a “Guaranteed Payment to Partners” according to Bill’s tax information.

With such an odd name and notation, I decided to look Yucaipa up. SEC information proved fascinating.  To see how one manipulates and traverses through country of origin or state of origin in order to register stock purchases gives peons like me a whole new view on rich and famous type handle financial dealings. To be sure, filing for business in certain states like Delaware is a normal occurrence for many large corporations in particular and often done to lower taxes or shelter information they do not want known.

In the 2007, it quickly became obvious on Yucaipa that there were unusual dealings afoot. Having a company, RBDI, owned by Burkle, in California and involved with Dubai Investment Group while purchasing stocks in a business called Xinhua Finance Media Limited stock who’s physical address was Beijing, China (both filed business organization in the Cayman Islands by the way) is to say the least odd. Then to have Bill Clinton note a partnership with the trust fund group for a deceased senior associate director of the Energy and Mineral Division of the General Accounting Office (1976-1988) and earnings of such amount is curious especially when tied to the same Yucaipa Global. In 2008, the Clinton’s disposed of the shares of Yucaipa and took a loss.

Just as curious is the estate/trust earnings appearing in 2007 of $4.9 million, 2012 of $5.5 million, and 2013 of 8.7 million, yet the same doesn’t appear to show up for any other years. What Bloomberg didn’t mention was that of the over $76 million Bill earned from speaking fees 2007-2015, he only noted $19 million or so as foreign speech earnings and listed Brazil, India, and other as the countries.

That was only 2007 folks imagine what a truly curious fella with a possible suicide in the future might find if all of the information over the last 38 years were carefully studied.  I  am no accountant and absolutely would never contemplate suicide so that lets me off the hook.  Besides, the book “Clinton’s Cash” I have been told did a fairly reasonable job of that already.

In those filings we can see clearly that Hillary is only listing state department revenue until she leaves the position in 2012. However, look out Nellie, because she made up for the lack of income from 2013 – 2015. The power of the brand name – Hillary.  She earned $21.7 million in speaking fees for 2013, 2014, and 2015. None of these figures total the full amount reported to IRS because there are book earnings for both as well as Bill’s Gem’s Education (headquarters in Dubai) and Laureate Education (headquarters Baltimore) wages for public relations consultations education “pay” institutions from 2009-2015. There is also the fact that the only deductions for charitable donations (besides a few dollars under $50,000 total over the eight years) only went to Clinton Foundation.

So every time now I hear her talk about raising taxes, continuing Obamacare or rather her form of it,  all the refugees she plans to continue to import, or trade deals with China or Iran, I am going to see in front of my strained eyes all eight years of how “poor” the Clinton’s were after being removed from office. Then I am going to think about how much our citizens are straining to meet day-to-day expenses.  I may even consider in passing how one of the highest paid families in the US “paid $43 million in taxes without complaint”.   A figure that with all the wealthy taxed over 50% together can’t even begin to add enough back in our coffers to pay a quarterly interest rate on the $20-30 Trillion we already owe.

I can seriously imagine the destruction of all I love in this country even as her trusts,shell companies, foundations, and pockets grow fatter while our country is handed hook,line, and sinker to her bosom pals at the UN and the shadowy one world organization she had a part in developing.

This is not an election about a brash, possibly difficult Republican Party man, racial divide, building a wall, or having a woman as president.  This is about preserving our country as a nation under God with laws to help keep order, with all of the guarantees and freedoms afforded to its citizens, and NOT a UN satellite nation delivered into the hands of those elitists in control of a WORLD government that completely overrides and destroys the uniqueness of every freedom-loving nation.


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  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post, although it make my head explode.

  3. gunnyginalaska says:

    Damn the Clintons to the ninth level of Hell.

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    I did some research; and YOU NAILED HER MUCH BETTER THAN I DID!!

  5. Bullright says:

    It’s becoming obvious that it takes a village and a crooked government to elect a criminal like Hillary. Show me something about her that is not corrupt.