Sunday Feel Good Stories

wrong house

In West Palm Beach, Florida, four armed men forced their way into a home discharging their firearms. A resident returned fire and struck one of the thugs in the leg driving away the criminals. Police found them nearby and arrested all four. The wounded crook is recovering at the hospital.

A check-cashing business manager in Macon, Georgia heard noises in the building when he was opening it. Two crooks fell through the ceiling when he got inside. The criminals shot at a customer who was also armed. The customer shot at least one of the crooks, 22-year-old Rarrekcus Delbridge, who was taken to the hospital. The other criminal ran out of the building – last seen scurrying past Piggly Wiggly – it’s not known if he was struck by gunfire.

In Battle Creek, Michigan, 11-year-old Reese Ward and his older brother, Skyler, confronted a masked thief who was breaking into their home. Armed with a Samurai sword, Skylar lunged at the crook which sent him running. Police have been unsuccessful in their search for the crook, so Mom says she bought a gun.

A New Jersey grand jury cleared a Allamuchy Township woman when she killed 24-year-old Gage Theard who broke into her home back in March. He was killed when he tried to rekindle their relationship and she was resistant to the idea.

Huntington Beach, California police were chasing a suspect involved in a domestic dispute. The suspect made a U-turn and fired at one officer – he was struck in the chest by a bullet, but he was unharmed – saved by his badge. Eventually, the suspect died in a fiery crash after careening down an embankment.

A homeowner in Kansas City, Kansas spotted a thief breaking into cars. The homeowner secured his weapon and put an end to the malfeasance. The thief is expected to recover from his wounds.

In Clayton, Delaware, another homeowner heard someone breaking into his home. He fired at the criminal who ran unharmed into a cornfield.

A homeowner in Fort Myers, Florida wrestled a gun from an intruder and shot him with the thief’s own weapon. The condition of the criminal is unknown.

In Houston, Texas a father and son were in their backyard and they were approached by two armed thieves who attempted to rob the father and son. The son pulled out his gun and shot both. One of the criminals was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital. The other is expected to recover.

In Harvey, Louisiana a store clerk got into an altercation with a shoplifter and shot him in the leg. The thief escaped on a bicycle.

in Eastpointe, Michigan where a 91-year-old man was approached by an erratically acting fellow. The victim warned him to stay back three or four times, that he was armed, but that didn’t seem to influence the fellow. The elderly man shot him in the neck. The criminal was transported to the hospital for his injuries.

A homeowner in Bowling Green, Missouri caught Michael E. Miller, 30, wheeling his lawnmower from the homeowner’s storage shed. When he confronted Miller, Miller responded by brandishing a stolen firearm. The homeowner fired a shot at Miller which struck Miller’s car and marked the vehicle for police when they arrested Miller and his two womenses later. No one was injured in the exchange of gunfire.

Near Fresno, California a homeowner assisted police in arresting 28-year-old Kou Lee while Lee was fleeing apprehension and was caught by the homeowner in his yard. The resident held Lee at gun point until police arrived.

Another homeowner in Sevierville, Tennessee caught a thief in his home and held him at gun point until the police could arrive and cart the youngster to the hoosegow.

In Coshocton County, Ohio, four thugs forced their way into a home. The resident responded with gunfire in which Richard Kafel was struck a few times. Police took him to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries and released to police custody. Two other were arrested and the fourth is being sought by police.

In Flordell Hills, Missouri, Adam Willoughby, 23, told a homeowner that he had been sent by God for the homeowner as he forced his way into the home. The homeowner used a kitchen knife during the confrontation. When the police arrived the second time that evening, Willoughby was DRT (dead right there).

At a Motel 6 in Phoenix, Arizona, two masked men tried to stick up an armed security who was forced to defend himself – one of the crooks was DRT (dead right there) while the other escaped.

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, a man threatened to drive his Jeep into a home until another man on the scene shot him in order to prevent that scenario from unfolding.

A homeowner in Union County, North Carolina encountered a teenager breaking into his home and put an end to it with a gunshot. The teenager was DRT (dead right there). The homeowner is handicapped and he’s been the victim of thieves in the recent past.

In Oviedo, Florida, a fellow tried to break into a home. When that failed, he tried to break into a car – but the homeowner confronted him. The thief ran away and hid in some bushes. When the homeowner called for him to come out, the thief charged the homeowner – he was rewarded with several gun shot wounds. His condition is unknown.

A woman in Amarillo, Texas met an intruder at her door with a gun. The sight of the firearm persuaded the thief to take flight instead. The police are still searching for him.

In Wichita, Kansas, a woman saw another woman stealing from her vehicle. The thief approached the victim with a screwdriver. The victim fired a shot into the air and that frightened the thief away.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a 19-year-old boy took his 21-year-old neighbor, a girl, to breakfast. While they were out, the girl’s ex-boyfriend spotted them and followed them home. The ex- and three of his friends confronted the boy. He pulled a gun on the teen and started firing. The teen’s family then broke out their own firepower and unleashed it upon the four. Folks were wounded on both sides, but ultimately, the four who were on the side of the ex-boyfriend were all arrested and the teen’s family were all cleared of charges.

In Augusta, Georgia, a thief tried to rob a Subway sandwich shop, but he was shot DOT (dead over there, at the hospital) by someone in the shop. The story is hard to read because the journalist who wrote it switches back and forth from referring to the criminal as a “suspect” and a “victim”.

Stay frosty friends.  They’re everywhere… and they breed.

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6 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

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  2. Always enjoy seeing these! Proud to be a well-armed woman and see others are 🙂

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  4. vonmesser says:

    I truly appreciate the one with a sword. NOTHING is scarier than facing someone with a sword.
    Everyone watches people get shot on TV. Little blood, holds shoulder, beats up bad guy, and perfectly fine 3 scenes later.
    We have all been cut by a knife, razor blade, or scissors.
    When facing a sword, we all take the pain from the 2 inch cut we got on the razor blade (etc) and magnify it in our mind by the 30+ inches of the sword blade…….

    • Hardnox says:

      Right you are vM. A sword is a very scary weapon if attacked. In my younger days I trained with a sword in martial arts and thus have a huge respect for them. The best defense against a sword is another sword or preferably a firearm. Double tap.