Black Community Activist is Going Off the Plantation

Community activist Quanell X and AM 740 KTRH NewsRadio show host Matt Patrick discuss Donald Trump’s direct and honest appeal to the black community earlier this week.

Quanell X’s response is NOT what Hillary Clinton  or the Left wants to hear.

Let’s face it.  Blacks have fared much worse under the democrats since the early 60’s.  That is simply a statistical fact.  Glad to see that some are beginning to see the light.

I am still troubled by this man’s concern about what blacks will “get”.  It’s called self determination and self responsibility.  Once achieved the rest falls in place.

~ Hardnox

clinton plantation

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5 Responses to Black Community Activist is Going Off the Plantation

  1. Uriel says:

    I am sincerely glad Black leaders are thinking more about the facts. If enough say look at ALL the facts and weigh the facts versus hype -of all colors and political bents – then there is hope for our country. Obama and Clinton as well as their followers have not followed through any real help. They have in fact divided our people more than at any time since the 60’s AND gotten wealthy in the process. If people as PUBLIC servants are paid xx dollars how the heck can they be multimillionaires unless they used government funds or knowledge to improve to their own gain. Look at their tax records if available or look who has funded their campaigns and lobbied for their votes-no one can honestly say they were not on the dole. Yet all citizens across the board are suffering as jobs decline and businesses fold or move out of the US. Trump is not polished nor my first choice but deserves a chance just like any politician to do his best. Break the cycle of the last twenty years. stop socialist takeover and Islamic maneuvering.

    • Uriel says:

      FYI. It is readily apparent that the DC machine is deliberately trying to silence everyone in media who attempts to stop them. For instance the doctor who spoke up with his well received talk show has had his show abruptly canceled without reasoning right after he expressed concern about her health. We have GOT to stop her or no one will be safe. That doesn’t count the 4-6 people who have died mysteriously over the last year -some of whom were to testify against her.

      • Hardnox says:

        Good point. It would be safe to think that many others would be hesitant to offer testimony/opinion for fear of being “suicided” suddenly given the dozens that have already.

  2. captbogus2 says:

    It’s too bad the only thing Trump could promise the AFRO-American community is JOBS….
    That is a vote killer right there…
    Now get down to brass tacks he should talk to the American Mexicans (notice I didn’t hyphenate). Look up, Cisco. The very first jobs the illegals take are YOUR jobs. Landscaping. Lawn care. Agriculture. You do it. They’ll steal it.