Asshat Alert: Obama scolds Louisana rescuers for nonexistent discrimination

obama-floodFrom Canada Free Press:

Unless you’ve been living under the world’s largest rock, you’ve seen news reports about the catastrophic situation in Louisiana. Thousands upon thousands have lost their homes, their belongings, and their livelihoods due to flooding.  Since many were trapped by the rising waters, the so-called “Cajun Navy” fired up the outboards and sprang into action.

Caring soul that he is, President Obama managed to tear himself away from his golf-and-mojitos regimen long enough to admonish these would-be rescuers.  There’s a fair chance that these good Samaritans were horrible racists, and he wanted to make sure that – while he was busy with his vacation – they weren’t discriminating against those in need.

His memo read:

  “Care must be taken to ensure that actions, both intentional and unintentional, do not exclude groups of people based on race, color, national origin (including limited English proficiency), religion, sex, or disability.”

“Those planning for Katrina appeared to assume most people could rely on personal vehicles to evacuate and failed to consider the transportation needs of all segments of the population.”

“Many seeking temporary housing immediately encountered discriminatory advertisements that explicitly refused to rent to African Americans.”

As the good people over at HotAir point out, there is one amazing response to that memo that is worthy of all the attention it can generate.  It appeared on the facebook page of a guy named Ben Husser, and it’s absolute gold:

  Dear Mr President,

I want to thank you for reminding us in South Louisiana not to discriminate against anyone based on race or religion. Had you not reminded us of this I don’t know what we would have done. See we rode around in a boat saving people and well race or religion never entered my mind. Not once. It didn’t enter my buddies mind or my wife’s. Just saving people.

I understand you may be miss informed because of all the race baiting that the media did a couple months ago here is South Louisiana. But I assure you that’s not what we stand for in South Louisiana. We love each other when the times get hard. We look out for our own. Now I know this doesn’t fit your agenda. But facts are facts.

O and by the way stay up in DC play a little golf and enjoy your last couple months in office. Make sure you clean out your desk. Clean out the house you’ve occupied for 8 years cause your time is up. Let ya buddy Ms Clinton know we don’t need her either. She needs her rest. Lord knows she needs rest more then the residents of South Louisiana do. She may could put some of that Clinton foundation blood money to good use down here helping others. But why would she do that. She already knows Louisiana doesn’t belong to her come November. If this was a state she needed she would have been on the boat with me. But that’s OK we got this we are strong here in Louisiana. Something you will never understand.

The true citizens of Louisiana


He also included the following picture:

Weird. Doesn’t look like a lot of racism happening there.

…But who knows. Barack Obama is the smartest man in the world, so maybe he knows something that the people who actually bothered to deal with this crisis don’t.












Of course we all know too well what this is about.  The asshole couldn’t be bothered with shortcutting his vacation since Louisiana is a republican stronghold yet he found the time to interject some racism into the conversation since he’s got nothing else to sell.

The facts are that Obama had every opportunity to heal the last remnants of racism in this country but instead chose to pour gasoline on it.  Now black unemployment is at 58%, homicides in black neighborhoods are up 70%.  This will take a long time to correct.  Good going asshole.

January 20 can’t come soon enough.

~ Hardnox

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11 Responses to Asshat Alert: Obama scolds Louisana rescuers for nonexistent discrimination

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  2. clyde says:

    If that walking piece of dogshit wants to see a REAL effing racist, all he needs to do is consult the nearest mirror. Thanks again guilty white liberals and the shitstain media👆

  3. Katterkat says:

    If it doesn’t help his pocketbook he can’t be bothered. If Hillary Clinton can’t market it she also can’t be bothered. It couldn’t help them they think so it wasn’t in their best efforts. Neither one of them wanted to get down and get dirty trying to save their fellow American Citizens. Trump made them look bad. That’s the only reason BO went there. No black people died from gunshot wounds from a white cop so he couldn’t make a speech about gun control.

    • Hardnox says:

      Welcome to N&F and thanks for the comment.

      Exactly right. Had a black person been killed by a white it would have been frontpage news and a huge investigation, There was nothing to be gained politically or financially therefore they chose to ignore it, Ditto with the media. It’s disgusting.

      Imagine a USA where deeds like those described was front page news displaying the American spirit… yeah, I know I’m dreaming.

  4. captbogus2 says:

    Yeah, well, I don’t even need to continue reading. I remember how that moron lambasted President Bush for flying over Katrina devastation in Air Force 1 instead of being on the ground when later it is said if the POTUS is on the ground it detracts from the recovery efforts and takes attention away from the task at hand. At least President Bush realized this.
    Of course President Zero is not getting in the way on the Martha’s Vineyard CC Golf Course. Stay there, Dipshit. We don’t need you.

  5. it’s called dividing america. amen all part of his plan to destroy the usa . amen . same as telling our military to stop prayers amen this demands that he loses his citizenship and bev deported as an illegal here in the usa. amen .

  6. Peppermint says:

    That letter is priceless.