Trump on Immigration

Manderson Pooper interviewed Donald Trump last night regarding his stance on immigration.

Notice how Pooper continues to defend illegals.

Trump is very clear about what he wants to do.  “There’s no legalization, there’s no amnesty… and we’re going to build the wall”.

I thought it a good interview.  What do you think?

~ Hardnox

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12 Responses to Trump on Immigration

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Good interview. I love the nickname for Cooper, Manderson Pooper. He’s a pooper all right. His crap gets on my nerves.

    • captbogus2 says:

      I agree, Pepp. Two or three times Trump corrected him about using eleven million as the number yet he comes right back and continues saying eleven million. I wish Trump would’ve busted him in the mouth.

  3. upaces88 says:

    Judicial Watch
    Florida Family Values AND
    Texas Governor Abbott all agree..NO AMNESTY.

    Texas Governor, Abbott has a much better plan (a Liberal Fed Judge disagreed with him about kicking them out of the country):

    IF any apartment complex, Realtor or Mobile Home community rents or sells to them, they will receive $50,000 fine.

    IF you hire them, it is also a heavy fine. I am thinking it was $25,000 per Illegal.

    There are 11,000,000 Illegals in this Country.

    I found the article so you can read it for yourselves. I may have my figures incorrect due to memory from 3 months ago LOL
    Keep Reading:

    I have written to my Gov. about the Liberal Judge who thinks we should allow Illegals to come here anytime they want to. The Judge is breaking a law that was never changed. It was ignored.

    The Judge is allowing people to INVADE our country. Get him off of the Bench!

  4. Rifleman III says:

    Everything is in flux at the moment and it will be for Trump and Pence to decide. With the input of Pence, anticipate a last minute softening of stance on immigration.
    A program of amnesty could work, but would require a grace period of registration for illegal aliens, while the southern border wall is erected. Under advisement, I suggest a northern border wall to be constructed, also.
    A loose aggregate of an estimated eleven to sixteen million illegal aliens, would require an enforcement body dedicated to deportations, a Department of Alien Deportation, possibly under INS/US Border Patrol. The operation would need to include 24-hour flights out of America stuffed with deportees. If amnesty were sought, it could have one-thousand hours of community service after adjudication by federal magistrates, and service rendered to children and elderly assistance, because out of the entire alien block, maybe a gross figure of 96, can be classified as vital to America. Nothing to be offered to America by the remaining numbers.
    Any US Military member or veteran, should be automatically be made US citizens, along with their spouse and children. Community service, would need to blanket children under the age of 18, where at least one parent fulfills fidelity of that community service. I would further continue that any felon, should be deported and banned from entry or denied citizenship. Reasons are, if people are working and raising families, their general obedience to established laws, can, be used to reduce the 1,000 hours of community service by 500 hours. If a misdemeanor arrest and/or conviction is introduced the hourly gifting is reduced to 250 hours subtracted from the 1,000 hour threshold rather than reduction of 500 hours for the law abiding. Once the given number of hours are paid with community service, provision must be made for the individual to attend classes to prepare for the US Citizenship Exam. Then the swearing in as a citizen, but, the allegiance to America statute that BHO removed, must be re-instated. For the program to be workable, an official language of English must be made by the US Congress, or similar to NYC the whole thing will be lost to babel where numerous tongues are spoken, out of political correctness, to the ultimate detriment of our nation. All foreigners, must be, Americanized and become part of us, and not the other way around. Once walls are built, then arrestees should be punished with prison time of four years, minimum. The immigration books must be closed to foreigners for at least 25 years. Those overstaying visas, once the walls are built, should be treated no different from illegals who enter America and sent to prison for at least one year, then deported with a ten year ban on re-entry into the country.
    The whole thing, can, work, and will take a lot of soul searching. It also means that bleeding hearts must be excluded from having their views enter into the process. The refugees, all, must be deported, as an estimated 2/3rds of applications for refugee status as reported, are falsified. Refugee contractors must have an illegal status and their efforts made punishable by law and imprisonment, because they bring refugees only to gain bounty for each head brought in, which ultimately ends up on welfare rolls, and fuels behaviors not conducive to America, such as jihad.

    • captbogus2 says:

      Nope. Can’t agree. When you start trying to forgive the “lawful” illegals you get long, tangled laws just like your illustration of how to allow ILLEGALS to remain in the country if they haven’t broken any laws. But the kicker is they have broken U.S. law by virtue of illegal entry. I served with more than one person who was in the service but not a citizen and they didn’t have to violate any laws to enlist.

  5. GoHuggaTree says:

    With Trump, it’ll be The Gang Of Nine. Grant amnesty, and the great wall will most likely never get built. Just ask Reagan what happened to HIS immigration compromise. This is not a complex issue.

    • Hardnox says:

      Reagan got double-crossed by Tip O’Neill.

      This issue really isn’t that complex. Enforce the laws now on the books. Enforce E-Verify. I submit many will self deport.

      The Dims yanked the funding of the wall in 2006. Trump will need Congress’ help on that one.