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  1. GoHuggaTree says:

    Even my dear departed mother knew this to be true. She told skinny, glasses-wearing me to stand up to bullies — this was in the mid-1950s, mind you — and they would back down. She was right. Bullies thrive on power, and those who stand up pose an unknown threat. Simpler to find another target to pick on.

  2. Uriel says:

    Mine as well GoHug. However my dad enforced that concept. He made me confront them.

  3. vonmesser says:

    My father had some simple rules he demanded of me.
    1. Keep it clean. Swearing is the sign of a weak mind.
    2. If you tell the truth you will never have to worry about what you said.
    3. NEVER, EVER start a fight.
    4. If you must fight – it does not matter how, you must win it.

    • captbogus2 says:

      #4… True, vM. If you insist on fighting ‘fair’ expect to get your ass whipped.
      #5. If you are invited to go outside. DON’T go outside. The very best you can expect is a 1 on 1.
      Learned that the hard way.