Jesse Watters: A real assessment of Obama’s two terms


Jesse Watters is spot on.

You would think that by now even the densest liberals who might have paid even meager attention to facts not the fiction of the people who print, speak, or post only approved propaganda would have begun to understand that Obama and Hillary have been two of the most divisive and dangerous actors in world and US politics since 2009. But no.

It seems they are trotting right along in the wake of these two.

You would think they might have learned by now even as they lose jobs to refugees and illegal immigrants, pay more for goods at the store, find that products not made to US standards are more often than not dangerous to health and safety, or watch their retirement funds shrivel up.  But no.

Their ears, eyes,  hearing and common sense have been disconnected from their brain much like Frankenstein’s creation.

You would think they could see for themselves that Hillary has been treated with kid gloves on all illegal activities while they might have been roasted and thrown under the prison for less offenses. Or how Obama has blatantly dismissed law and order while encouraging bad behavior inside the US. Or that both of them manipulated and funded much of the war in the Middle East while families buried their sons because of their actions.  But no.

You would think by now people would be worried about the censorship by government and internet threats, lack of infrastructure repair and maintenance, lack of military strength, overall morale of the country, and destruction of lives, homes, and livelihoods.  But No.

You would think having dozens of terrorist attacks by “crazies” since 2009 while the FBI and others say we cannot be at all positive those coming into our country have been screened in any way for health or ability to assimilate much less those who might wage attacks within our borders would give pause. But no.

So long as they are handed something for nothing and taken care of by government without expending any thought or effort to future problems, they seem content to let Obama and possibly Hillary if elected have their way with all things. They simply cannot accept facts because they have dined off  the drug-laced, rotting, cancerous food handed to them on a silver platter by Obama and his minions.  It’s effects appear to be terminal.

If they were the only ones living in this country, if they were the only ones to suffer in the near or distant future, I would say let them have at their world. But that is not the case.

They are so ignorant that they would give the running of the US, as a country with one of the most historically significant documents ever written, to a board of bureaucrats seated in a building complex far away in another country that is run by a totalitarian governing body who has proven a high degree of corruption exists within its many tentacles and quite literally has stated its desire to rule the entire planet through its Agenda 21 and 2030.

Perhaps we could send them to one of a chain of islands China has built in the Pacific (preferably over an active tectonic plate). Ship all of these dependents to live out their days safely ensconced on their own Dr. Who island and let them be taken care of by someone who sees them as grist for their mill.


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9 Responses to Jesse Watters: A real assessment of Obama’s two terms

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  2. Vic Mazza says:

    Dear Americans,

    For me to cone out of a coma a few years ago (former democrat) … its astonishing just how ignorant people still are.

    To listen to the majority of the news reporting I ask myself “How much are they paying these trolls?”….

    The abundance of lies pilled up by Obama and Hillary, the deceit against us, our country … is unforgivable, with Republicans still not supporting Trump with the commitment and energy he deserves…will all his imperfections, he is exactly correct for now!

    I want to scream!!!

    Vic Mazza, still concerned patriot

  3. Uriel says:

    I am right there beside you. When “Iand me”, fashion before worth, community disconnect before unity, less moral values, or “gimme” before pride in a job well done were being taught- our country began rapidly falling into a tar pit. When drugs and lack of common sense or confidence was allowed to sweep away minds- many of our most precious values and morals were lost. Some out there may not believe in Chrisianity but I would say following the Biblical morals and laws were our greatest strength. Greed and a rudderless society have brought us to this point. I am not sure if most hardcore socialist-indoctrinated Democrats can see or care any more about reality since they have been so dumbed down, deaf and blinded to truth or reason. They appear to prefer their safe alternate existence to freedom and reality.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Watters did a nice job but neglected to mention that King Putt also ruined any and all advances towards racial harmony in America, in fact they are worse now than after WWII.

    Without exception EVERYTHING the left has touched in the last 50 years has turned to utter shit. Why the republicans cannot make a case for that amazes me. I know, the media won’t help them make that case…. BUT….

    • Uriel says:

      Yeppers He and Michelle BOTH as well as demonuts have stirred that pot and now they needed boiled like the crawfishing bottom feeders they are.

  5. vonmesser says:


  6. Peppermint says:

    Excellent post Uriel. It is beyond my comprehension that people still support this president and Hillary with all the failures attributed to both of them. I guess they are either brain dead or in denial. It’s really sad since we may very well get this woman for president. Good bye USA!

  7. Uriel says:

    I agree Pepper. I think a few are truly basing on dislike of Trump (much like we focus on Hillary). I get it. He has been a bull in a glass factory at times. BUT I will take his unpolished political attitude over Hillary ANY day. There has not been a single uncontested choice for president ever except maybe the first two. If someone is willing to give up four years to this they Have to be self assured. Campaign trails are no different than boot camps.