Donald Trump Townhall On Illegal Immigration – Killed By Illegal Immigrant

On Hannity last night.  The families of Americans killed by illegals speak out.

My heart breaks for these families.

What part of ILLEGAL doesn’t anyone understand?  Trump simply wants to enforce the laws we already have on our books.

~ Hardnox

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21 Responses to Donald Trump Townhall On Illegal Immigration – Killed By Illegal Immigrant

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    I watched last night. There were several instances of idiot protesters shouting and disrupting the event. They have NO class and are doing more harm to their cause than if they kept it outside. At one point a bystander escorted a BLM woman out the door to the applause of the crowd. Somebody is going to get a beat down if they happen to stand next to the wrong guy. I suggest the rest of the crowd should just drown them out with thieir own chant like “USA…USA.. or Lock him (0r her) up.”
    Anyway, there will be another Hannity Town Hall tonight at 10PM.

    • Hardnox says:

      Frankly, I’m surprised a serious assbeating hasn’t occured already. It shows the restraint of real Americans who are smart enough not to create an incident.

  2. Uriel says:

    wow. How difficult that must have been. There is no excuse. According to this article (There are dozens.) 134,000 prisoners (including illegals) housed in prisons with minor incidents, drug trafficking, rapists convictions and more have been released by Obama in the last two years alone. I think I read somewhere more than a few had committed violent crimes since being released. In fact, I think I remember seeing he had released another 2,000 in the last 30 days.

  3. Peppermint says:

    Nox, my heart breaks for these families too. It’s so unfair how these illegals get away with their crimes and then that noxious Obama letting these criminals out of jail. It’s almost like he wants people to be destroyed by these criminals.

  4. Hardnox says:

    Pepp, “It’s almost like he wants people to be destroyed by these criminals.”… it sure does. Classic Cloward-Piven. Overload the system.

  5. Cam says:

    Can you Trumphumpers say AMNESTY? The Gang of 8? What he railed on Jeb and Rubio for? Your Cheeto Jesus is reverting back to the Liberal LIAR right before your eyes. Amnesty, NO WALL. SUCKERS all of you. Hope you enjoy Hillary!!!!!!!
    We could have had a constitutional CONSERVATIVE BUT for you idiots.

    • Hardnox says:

      Wrong dickhead. Most of us here voted for Cruz. I’ve told you at least a dozen times but your reading comprehension level must be subterranean. It’s asswipes like you that are pushing Hillary over the finish line with your idiotic NeverTrump vitriol. Your boy Cruz probably won’t get reelected once Rick Perry announces his Senate bid. Plus if Hillary does manage to get elected, thanks in no small part to you and your fellow travelers, there won’t be an election come 2020 for Cruz to participate in once the Supremes get stacked with lefties. You Cruzers are pissing up a rope with the idea Cruz has a shot in 2020.

      Besides, you never did tell me why Cruz sealed his records. As a matter of fact, no Cruzer ever answers that question.

      Trump back peddling is definitely a concern. More to follow.

      • Uriel says:

        Cam – Before you bash our comments learn what we have written since the beginning. Butthurt comments at this point only point out that some can not see beyond their nose. If Cruz had stuck with the plan and soldiered on most of us would still back him. His offwall attitude since dropping out does not sit well with me. I am STILL reluctant on Trump but I sure as hell won’t give Hillary her throne. No single man can save our country it takes ALL Patriots and citizens to bring about the change that WE ALLOWED to happen. Stuff the attitude and turn it against real enemies. At this point every crankshit comment helps her.

        • Cam says:

          I may be going out on a limb here but I assume your ” If Cruz had stuck with the plan and soldiered on most of us would still back him”, you are referring to the non endorsement and pledge? The pledge Donald himself disavowed? Care to expound on what you mean by Cruz’s offwall attitude? Cruz has been in the Senate FIGHTING for YOU and ME. WHAT has Trump done? LIE, LIE, LIE and pander. If it’s OK with knowing he is lying to you and will lie to you then by all means vote for him. I will vote my conscience, I may vote Constitutional Party, or not but I will vote down ticket. I will not vote Trump or Hillary. I can assure you my conscience is clear.

          • Uriel says:

            At a minimum his attitude that once a candidate was chosen he should endorse.

            Yes he is fighting in congress but how much has he accomplished in that fight? How many actual bills has he gotten passed? Who his wife worked for is kind of irrelevant if you consider that she had a choice as to who to work for in order to provide for family. However her choice to take part in known communistic or UN endeavors is a problem. Especially if she supports and backs her husband’s beliefs and principles. How the two kept political and family separate given that is difficult to comprehend.

            I don’t back a quitter. Cruz had the choice to continue or stop. Many would have at least had a second choice at conventions if he had stayed. If he couldn’t stand the heat of campaigning then how could he handle such a high stress job? He couldn’t even seem to corral his own campaigners since he appeared to get in hot water over what they said even after he quit.

            A leader would have at least said something along the lines “besides being devisive and saying vote your conscience”. Look I may not feel confident on Trumps ability but am backing your votes and encourage all of dissenters to give him a chance. I will still be actively behind the man trying to work with him to repair what years of socialist policies have destroyed. He COULD have done that at the convention but he didn’t and only later after pressure attempted to repair his image. That’s like shouting fire for the first time after the barn is half burned down.

            • Cam says:

              What absurdities. You’re no better than a Democrat. Putting party over principle. YOU think just because Trump has an R in front of his name THAT makes him a Republican? Trump has ALWAYS BEEN a Democrat. THAT is why he can’t express CONSERVATIVE principles. HE has never known those.
              You don’t back a quitter? What the heck do you think Donald Trump is? HE is handing HILARY the Presidency. He has turned away from all things that HOOKED trumphumpers.
              Cruz is no quitter. It took MORE integrity than Trump will ever have to stand up in front of the Party of Trump and not endorse him but tell every one of us to vote our conscience, to vote for liberty, freedom.
              The back room politics of the RNC and the Trump campaign is why we have Trump. The unbind the delegates movement was trying to get a “conscience clause” passed that would allow delegates to vote their consciences instead of for whoever they may have been bound to under their local party rules. It was shut down by Trump’s surrogates and RNC.

              You said… “He couldn’t even seem to corral his own campaigners since he appeared to get in hot water over what they said even after he quit.”
              Oh but the irony of what you say!!!!! How many people has Trump had to replace for the things they have said? How many things has Trump had to walk back because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut? Pitiful, just pitiful.

              Trump was a bad candidate from the beginning now it’s too late, we’ll have Hillary. I was a Cruz supporter from the beginning but there were others that would have been better than Trump.

              • Uriel says:

                Geez. Look who sounds more liberal. It isn’t me. Enough. Debating is not going to fix anything at this point-he quit with less than 3months left. He let a Lot of people down including me.

          • Hardnox says:

            Cam, try and convince your conscience how great things are when Hillary appoints 3-4 Supremes and then when they flush the few rights we still have. You can rest comfortably on your self-righteousness.

            You NeverTrumpers are being played by the UniParty except you don’t realize it or are willing to admit it. Either way, you’re being played.

            Cruz isn’t the hero you think he is.

            • Cam says:

              Cruz is EVERYTHING I thought he is. He stands for the CONSTITUTION, RULE of LAW, fights for CONSERVATIVE Principles, Liberty and Freedom and FOR LIMITED GOVERNMENT. I don’t think Trump has EVER made those a PRIORITY.

              • Hardnox says:

                He may well be all those things but CRUZ LOST.

                Get over yourself already. You sound like an idiot. Stuff your smug self-righteousness. The people chose Trump over the other 16 candidates.

                Do you have kids or a family? Try and explain to them the value of your conscience when the Constitution gets erased by Hillary’s SCOTUS appointments. We at least have a shot at stopping Hillary and pushing Trump to make conservative decisions. With Hillary it’s game over. if you don’t realize that then you are too dense to reason with.

              • Uriel says:

                Cam. Whomever you are. I believe Cruz is (if we go by his senate speeches and votes) a good orator and constitutionalist as well. I do not believe he could have stood against the DC machine however. They would have shredded him. If he folded with Trump and the half hearted DNC push, he would not have made it beyond. Sometimes it takes fire to fight against fire. But people have GOT to break the Clinton-Obama-UN cycle or we are ALL lost. Even an iffy 45% reliability against that is better than letting them continue to control our lives. Those that refuse to see the lesion of cancer will end up causing irreparable harm not just for four years but far into the future. PERIOD.

      • Cam says:

        Hardnox…….Glad to see at least you are concerned by his change of positions. It is Trump who will LEAD Hillary over the finish line, tho. He LIED about his “conservative” positions and now we see his true colors are coming to light. He has fooled his supporters even if many won’t admit it. A BAIT and SWITCH. Typical of a politician. But wait, Trump said THAT HE wasn’t a politician.
        Ted Cruz won’t have a problem getting reelected in Texas. Especially if the wanna be dictator gets elected. 2 years of a totalitarian Trump, people will wish they had 434 Ted Cruz’s in Congress to stop him. Same with Hillary.
        What records are you referring to? Ted released his birth certificate. Shouldn’t you be more concerned that Trump won’t release HIS records?

        • Hardnox says:

          cam, you’re really stuck on this aren’t you? You’d be more comfortable over at the Weekly Standard or Redstate in their echo chamber.

          Ted never released his BC nor did he release his college records. He did however wave around his mother’s BC. Did Ted got to Princeton or Harvard as a foreign student? Just asking. Was Ted’s mom a Canadian citizen at the time of his birth as her name on Canadian voter roles suggest? Btw, at the time of Ted’s birth there was no dual-citizenship. So… WTF? Something isn’t kosher and why seal his records?

          Trump did release his records except his taxes which are under audit. The rest of the info is out including his heath records.

          Lastly, why beat this dead horse? Help us win the WH in November, get conservatives in the SCOTUS, get law & order restored, curb illegal immigration and an “America First” policy going for a change instead of shilling on behalf of Hillary.