CBS: Trump call for special prosecutor ‘strikes fear’ in hearts of Clinton allies

Yesterday, Donald Trump while at a campaign rally in Austin Texas, called for a “Special Prosecutor” to investigate Hillary Clinton’s use of her position as Secretary of State to funnel donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for access and favors. With the WikiLeaks release of hacked emails and Judicial Watch’s FOIA success even the limpstream media can’t ignore all of it.

Surprisingly, we have a burst of journalism coming from a lefty media outlet.  Who knew that was even possible?

Of course nothing will happen and a special prosecutor won’t be named but this is still good news insomuch that Hillary’s criminality is being exposed more and more with each passing day.

Now that Labor Day is approaching, and more Americans engage in the election process, the cloak of inevitability will be removed from the Queen of Corruption.

Yeah, the Hildabeast allies are scared.  They should be.  Trump will win this.

~ Hardnox

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