FBI Finds 15,000 New Hillary Clinton Emails

Available to the public by September 22?  Sure, when pigs fly.  They will drag their feet on this.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks just published hacked emails from Huma Abedin Weiner that claims that “Hillary is often confused”.  The timeline is BEFORE her alleged fall and cracked head episode.  From the emails it’s obvious that Humma and Cheryl Mills have been concerned about the hag’s health and mental abilities for quite a while.

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4 Responses to FBI Finds 15,000 New Hillary Clinton Emails

  1. upaces88 says:

    “…other state people’s accounts…”? Fraud? Did they know she was using their accounts? OR did it miss it?

    Did they know she was doing that?
    Are they going to come forward stating, “I never said that…..etc.,”?

    My Lord! She’s not even competent enough to walk into a damn store to buy a cookie. How the hell does she think; OR, anyone else in D.C. thinks she is “physically able” to even run for POTUS??!!!

  2. Popular Front says:

    Morning all – remember a few months back when there was plenty of speculation that Hideous Hillary would never make Election Day because of impeachment/indictment/subpoena and so on? She seems to have weaselled her way out of that one as far as I can tell, but how about this? Given Clinton’s fawning adoration by the leftist media Greek Chorus is it just possible that all this ‘health issues’ crap being bandied about – head injuries, wandering memory, diazepam, anger outbursts etc etc – is just a slow leaking cover story to disguise her face-saving exit from the election race on a wave of thin public sympathy?

    Think about it. The Democrat ‘backroom boys’ have seen off that old crypto-commie Sanders, they’ll feel that they’ll get belted sticking with Clinton, Biden is a demonstrated asshat so he’s out leaving…..who?

    • Hardnox says:

      Good to have you visit. That 12 hour time difference is always refreshing… meaning you get the news earlier that the rest of Western civilization.

      You pose an interesting scenario. I doubt Sanders would get the backroom nod since he really believes his shit and his unicorn policies are against what the Uniparty wants. My gut tells me Kaine since he’s an ambitious whore and would please the Uniparty and would be a lackey for them. Biden is a doofus but acceptable to the Uniparty but regarded as a douche to most.